In Memory of ALDO COURTOIS RIP Brother

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Mick Lunasea
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In Memory of ALDO COURTOIS RIP Brother

Post by Mick Lunasea »

Aldo Courtois passed on 4/6/14

Quoting from Aldo's profile:

"Looking for some good times, fun times, laughing a lot and meeting nice interesting people. There are plenty of bad an rough times in RL, so I don't need it in SL. Just relax. Just chill-out and have a good time,because at the end all you have is memories. Iam A SFL linemen for the BILLS".

Aldo was true to his southern gentlemans word. Setting up a store at bratta Beach shortly after its opening Aldo's shop was the largest Surf Shop in SecondLife at the time. He carried every SSI model plus the newly available ssi mod surfboard.

Riding in several SLSA contests Aldo was a proficient pro rider always with a kind word to all. Introducing surfing and teaching many new riders Aldo was unselfish with his time always willing to help. Aldo never stopped surfing, he would show up have a surf and was welcome everywhere. He was the kind of guy you wouldn't see for a month and resume the fun, joking like you saw him yesterday.

Countless days of fun were had with Aldo. His Kid Rock imitations were classic. Someone would always shrink their Avitar to be his side kick, (I did on a few occasions). During his time in SL Aldo's interests expanded including MC Clubs, Hot Cars and SL Football where he excelled. I trained with him, he had talent far beyond mine.

Being a ladies man Aldo became fond of a few asking me if I could perform wedding ceremonys on more than one occasion but he never went through with it until he found the love of his life Lena.

Quoting from Lena's picks, she says it best:

The pirate became an angel!

Dear friend,
no one can tell me you are not here,
because YOU ARE and will forever be,

R.I.P. Aldo Courtois!
Lena Courtois

Aloha Aldo. You will never be forgotten by your surfing brothers and sisters.

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Re: In Memory of ALDO COURTOIS RIP Brother

Post by Figger Arun »


Thanks Mick. I appreciate you keepin us all aware of our history and our loved ones.

With respect,


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Re: In Memory of ALDO COURTOIS RIP Brother

Post by Bodhi_Lowtide »

I didn't know of this. I've fond memories of Aldo & hanging at Braata, such a laid back brother, his bio couldn't be more fitting.


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