Brandy Maltas June 2016

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Brandy Maltas June 2016

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Note: Brandy was the Events Manager at Solace Beach and gave us approval and assisted us with many events that made use of their stage and facilities in that area of the beach. From reading other comments she was very generous with her time and assistance to others. It is a great loss to everyone at Solace and to the SLSA community.

Dear friends,

I am so sorry to have to inform you all that Brandy Maltas (Kalli Birman in SL) passed away in the hospital this morning. Apparently even her children did not realize how sick she was, the toll cancer was taking on her body. She wanted to stay strong for her family and friends, for all of us.

Brandy was just 40 years old and leaves behind three beautiful children who were her world. In lieu of flowers, her family would appreciate donations to go towards her final expenses, and her children's future care and education. I will let you all know when I have more information.

I am still in shock, and it's hard to put into words how much she meant to me. Brandy was truly one of my best friends. I felt I could be completely myself with her, and I would receive the same in return. I appreciated her wise counsel and will miss her more than I can describe. I feel thankful that I was able to see her several months ago and spend time with her in person. I had planned to see her again soon, and will always regret that it didn't happen in time.

A few months ago, Brandy and I had a Skype conversation about life, cancer, and how we wanted to be remembered when we're gone. At the time, she thought or at least hoped she had a few years left to live, enough time to see her kids grow up. Her attitude about her pending mortality was, like everything else about her, matter-of-fact. Her words felt so important that I took the time to write them down. Here's what she said:

"Don't mourn me. I'm happy. I like the person I am, and I have no regrets. So when I die, don't have a funeral. Have a party, drink some beers, and celebrate my life." -Brandy, Skype conversation, 12/17/15

Later in the conversation, she also said "If life hands you lemons, make lemonade shooters."

Her will also states that she didn't want a funeral, she wanted a party to honor her life. I will be honest and say that the last thing I feel like doing right now is having a party. But I will fulfill her wishes in Second Life, and attend in real life, too, if I can. And sometime, maybe soon, maybe several months from now, I'll remember her when I order a lemon shooter, and raise a toast in her honor. I hope you all will, too.

~Karin / Ayesha Lytton in Second Life

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Re: Brandy Maltas June 2016

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This is such a shock. I worked with Brandy when I was sim manager. She was always upbeat and helpful. A very giving person. I will miss her but I will have a lemon shooter in her honor. Rest in peace Brandy.
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