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Ashleigh Dickins
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The SLSA Board of Directors are proud to announce the first Surf City Classic! This pre-season competition will be held July 26th at 11am SLT in Surf City. While we will be using Heather Goodliffe pipes to surf on, the only board allowed for this competition will be a Rob John's Longboard! Competition boards are being graciously provided by Robin Mapp, owner of Rob John's Surf Shop, and will be provided a week before competition so you all may practice. Since this competition is being held pre-season it will not be for points, but you still don't want to miss this historic event! If you wish to surf please visit the forums at to sign up. If you have a business that is interested in sponsoring this event please contact Sponsorship Sales Associates Milo Voss or Colleen Brennan for information on sponsorship packages. For any other questions regarding this specific event please contact Event Coordinator Ashleigh Dickins. Thank you.
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Sally LaSalle
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Registrations for this event are now closed, to allow a full week for all competitors to practice.

Keep an eye on the forum, there will be a few special rules for this event given the nature of the boards, special things we will be looking for.
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Mick Lunasea
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Thanks to SLSA Directors for making the 1st Contest held at Surf City the fun event that it was. All judges, marshals, security, competitors desreve a huge thanks also. Taking the time learning to surf the RJ board shows the level of commitment slsa surfers have to the sl surfing community. It's a pleasure to be associated with you all!

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