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The SLSA is happy to announce its 2008 Season 2 Venues and Dates.

We thank all those that submitted their sim for consideration there
were 14 sims submitted in all and unfortunately only 5 could be
selected for this season. All of the sims submitted had some great
features so it was very difficult for the SLSA board to make a choice.
Four out of the five sims selected are new sims that have not hosted a
competition before and the 5th has not hosted a competition in over
one year.
A short list of 7 from the 14 was chosen, looking for a mixture of
Epic and Pipe venues and short and long board competitions.
The five sims selected were given a unanimous 5 votes from all the directors.
Dates were selected so as not to clash with any pre-arranged events already planned by the surf community
Without further ado here they are:

Saturday, August 16th: Boneyard - Pipe - Short Board

Saturday, September 20th: Morant Cays - Epic - Short Board

Saturday, October 18th: Chi - Pipe - Short Board

Saturday, November 15th: Majini- Epic - Long board

Saturday, December 13th: Pepo - Pipe - Long Board

Also short-listed were Heliopolis as a pipe venue and Majini as an Epic Venue.
Heliopolis and Majini will be Stand-by Venues in the event that one of
the other venues has to cancel. They will also be given first priority
for Season one in 2009.

For Updates and Registration News Please Visit the SLSA Forum at:-

Mahalo & Regards,
SLSA Board
Sally LaSalle


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