Reaction Shortboard Pro @ Boneyard - HEAT DRAWS and TIMES

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Reaction Shortboard Pro @ Boneyard - HEAT DRAWS and TIMES

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We welcome 12 new riders that haven't competed before in the SLSA. Great to see you all and good luck (don't be nervous!!) :)

For all you new peoples, and as a reminder to everyone, you will all be receiving an information pack (to you inventory) in world soon with a copy of these heat draws, each of the colored rash guards ("rashies" = neoprene colored shirt), a board size checker, to check the length of your board (remember this is a short board competition only short boards are allowed to be used, also make sure that your board has the havok 4 update), a copy of the code of conduct, and some tips for reducing your own as well as the sim lag. If You have any questions on any of these things feel free to contact any of the event day staff who will help you out.

Again for newbies, next to your name in the preliminary heat is a (color), that is the color of the rashie that you should be wearing in your heat. also you will surf in the order listed in the Heat draw from Red, Blue, Green, Orange to Purple then back to Red etc ..

Its a good idea to clear your cache and arrive at the event sim a good 30 minutes before your heat pan your camera around a bit to make sure you load up the textures that are present on the sim (this will prevent that from happening during your ride which may lag you)

When its not your heat please move to the spectator stands on the Alternation Sim, and find a seat (not moving around will also help reduce lag on the sim and for those competing)

Oh when it says "Report In" below, that means to contact the event co-ordinator, Milo Voss. He will Let you know where to go, check you have the right color rashie on and that your board is ok. When you are out on the water, listen for instructions from the Marshall, who will tell you when its time to take your wave.

There will be some great music playing and your team mates and friends will be out there carving it up and dodging those rocks so relax and enjoy and cheer for your friends!! .. have fun, and great surfing!!

NB: all times are estimates, and will depend on riders getting their allocated number of waves, we aim to have heats start 5 to 10 minutes after the previous heat. So make sure you are around.

(All preliminary heats are 3 waves per rider)

Code: Select all

                       Report In        On Water          Heat Start        Heat Finish                            
Heat 1                 10:45 AM          10:50 AM          11:00 AM          11:15 AM
pova rustamova (RED)                                        
Carolin Gausman (BLUE)                                        
Socks Clawtooth (GREEN)                                        
Fungus Kamachi (ORANGE)                                        
Forq Hamer (PURPLE)                                        
Heat 2                 11:00 AM          11:20 AM          11:25 AM          11:40 AM
Desirae Beaumont (RED)                                        
Mick Lunasea (BLUE)                                        
Mateus Rieko (GREEN)                                        
Egon Zimminy (ORANGE)                                        
Sunrize Mornington (PURPLE)                                        
Heat 3                 11:25 AM          11:45 AM          11:50 AM          12:05 PM
Colleen Brennan (RED)                                        
Cipriano Grut (BLUE)                                        
Express Zenovka (GREEN)                                        
Monq Pinklady (ORANGE)                                        
Rachelle Seetan (PURPLE)                                        
Heat 4                 11:50 AM          12:10 PM          12:15 PM          12:30 PM
Abel Halderman (RED)                                        
LeahJane Cazalet (BLUE)                                        
Kimmy Leroux (GREEN)                                        
Aimee35 Mandel (ORANGE)                                        
Kim Henig (PURPLE)                                        
Heat 5                 12:15 PM          12:35 PM          12:40 PM          12:55 PM
VW Sands (RED)                                        
Wilfrid DeCuir (BLUE)                                        
Selina Otsuka (GREEN)                                        
Aspen Parx (ORANGE)                                        
Cymindra Deschanel (PURPLE)                                        
Heat 6                 12:40 PM          1:00 PM          1:05 PM          1:20 PM
Desne Aabye (RED)                                        
Carlos MacAlpine (BLUE)                                        
Alexsurfer Hirons (GREEN)                                        
WickedV Carver (ORANGE)                                        
Bonheur Chenaux (PURPLE)                                        
Heat 7                  1:05 PM          1:25 PM          1:30 PM          1:45 PM
Bobbi Laval (RED)                                        
Crusader Arado (BLUE)                                        
Amadis Thespian (GREEN)                                        
Countess Decosta (ORANGE)                                        
Robin Mapp (PURPLE)                                        
Heat 8                  1:30 PM          1:50 PM          1:55 PM          2:10 PM
QUENCH Spotter (RED)                                        
Buffy Munro (BLUE)                                        
Jaay Zymurgy (GREEN)                                        
Mychel Daviau (ORANGE)                                        
jes Luik (PURPLE)                                        
(all Finals 4 waves each)                                        
Semi Final 1            1:55 PM          2:15 PM          2:20 PM          2:40 PM
Semi Final 2            2:25 PM          2:45 PM          2:50 PM          3:10 PM
Semi Final 3            2:55 PM          3:15 PM          3:20 PM          3:40 PM
Final                   3:25 PM          3:45 PM          3:50 PM          4:10 PM
Sally LaSalle


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