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Here are the Official results for the Majini Longboard Epic @ Majini On November 15th 2008

A really awesome days surfing today with some brilliant displays and awesome scores, props to all the surfers who put on a wonderful exhibition of skilled surfing, at the second sell out event for the season. Big movers today were Colleen up into 5th from 15th after finally breaking through for a finals appearance for the first time this season gratz Coll :), Also VW back in the top 10 remembering he sat out and judged the 2nd event when needed so that's a real great effort! Cip moves up into the top ten too with another solid 8th.
Some other notable performances Kohana a 7th after last months 6th belies her current 17th ranking. Well done to Abel and Jes for breaking the 1000 point mark for the season. And great to see newcomers Janine LeShelle, and Noie Randt make the semis on their first attempt!!
Wil was too good again today a record breaking 3rd comp win in the season well done! .. mathematically he still needs to at least put his rashie on and surf one wave next comp to prevent Desi snatching title form him :P

Look forward to seeing you again at next months event with title and other places on the line :) Plus heaps of fun !!


Color of the team name next to the surfer name indicates which team surfers' rank points were added for the team score, blue is the 1st placed surfer for the team, red the 2nd and green the 3rd.

Overall Team Placing's can be found at this thread

If 2 or more surfers have the same points they are equal rank (regardless of their order in the list)
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