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Mori Pwani Pro Challenege WAIT LIST

Posted: Sat Aug 22, 2009 10:26 am
by Abel Halderman

Order is All 3rd places in Round 1 sorted by score, then all 4th place sorted by score, etc

Also this method has been used in all competitions so far since 2 rounds competitons have been implemented.

This accounts for variations in conditions between heats, rather than a simple sort by score method.

SLSA uses a place to determine winners of round 1. That means it's not about how many points you get in your heat, but what place you win in it. If you're first or second, you advance. The same rule should apply to the third and fourth place winners.

So, the formula for a wait list is:

3rd placers sorted by score

4th placers sorted by score

because it's only fair considering different conditions in heats.

Therefore the wait list for the Mori Pwani Pro Challenge is:

1. GiavannaMarie Melody
2. Harbor Piers
3. Velvetori Twine
4. Pilze Braveheart
5. sven Homewood
6. Robbin Ember
7. Tandum Apfelbaum
8. Kait Seetan
9. Tanya Sideways
10. Bethany Felisimo
11. Ashleigh Dickins

Rhett McMahn replaced Kohana Schimmer in heat 4