HEATDRAWS Montego Longboard Epic Pro

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HEATDRAWS Montego Longboard Epic Pro

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When: December 5 2009, 11.00am SLT
Where: http://slurl.com/secondlife/dooobie/216/38/22
Waves type: Epic Waves
Surfboards type: Longboard

Starting 11:00am sharp - Heat one check in at 10:45 please!!
Each heat will take about 45 minutes. Make sure you are there for your heat .

Each Heat 3 waves each.

All first and second placing riders from the Pro will be automatically qualified to compete in the next competition, the Montego Longboard Epic Invitational, taking place on Saturday, Dec 12

The Top 2 Pro scores that don't automatically qualify to compete will receive wild cards and will also be invited to compete in the Invitational.

Heat 1
Sunshine Zhangsun (RED)
Triston Mayo (BLUE)
Kait Seetan (GREEN)
Sandipanimuni Haiku (PURPLE)
rainTigerfish (ORANGE)

Heat 2
WickedV Carver (RED)
Kohana Schimmer (BLUE)
Velvetori Twine (GREEN)
Angelle Aluveaux (PURPLE)
Rayzza Rubble (ORANGE)

Heat 3
Desne Aabye (RED)
Mick Lunasea (BLUE)
Bodhi Lowtide (GREEN)
Snapple Sneerwell (PURPLE)
LilMario Lavendel (ORANGE)

Heat 4
Rhett McMahn (RED)
Jac Mornington (BLUE)
Robbin Ember (GREEN)
Candywhite Compton (PURPLE)
Jordan Mendle (ORANGE)

Heat 5
Lacy Rossini (RED)
Cymindra Deschanel (BLUE)
Aurora Jacks (GREEN)
Koolcat Delicioso (PURPLE)
luke Fenutzini (ORANGE)

Montego Pro Final
The winners of the preliminary heats battle it out for prizes.
Don't upset me! I'm running out of places to hide the bodies ^^

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