2010 Season 2 Awards

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2010 Season 2 Awards

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Novelty Awards

Most memerable moment of the season
- last minute team championship won by the Vibrations Surf Team

Best team Gesture
- Tsunami Warning!!!

Sportsmanship Award
- Sunrize Mornington

Prom Queen
- Buffy Munro

Prom King
- Triston Mayo

Best Couple
- Colleen Brennan and Kim Henig
- Sunshine Zhangsun and Jac Mornington
- Lissa Pinion and VW Sands
- Revlon Benoir and Mick Lunasea

Best Competition Sim
- Chi

Best Board Shaper
- Rayzza Rubble (Pray 4 Surf)
- Dee Waverider (DW Surf Co)

Best Photographer
- Lissa Pinion
- Dax Verlaine

Honorary SLSA Family Member
- Analog Jun

Best Bald Head
- Colleen Brennan

Best Dancer in the Stands
- The Vibrators: WickedV Carver, Buffy Munro, CoolKat Delicioso

Las Vegas Award
- VW Sands

Kohana Schimmer Award
- Colleen Brennan

BP Award
- MaryAnn Maa

Mojo Award
- Mick Lunasea

Bumper Car Award
- Jayden Domenici

Special Awards

Rookie of the Season
- Ceedi Doghouse

Most Improved
- Arjuna Bombastic

Special Recognition Award (SLSA Platinum Record)
- DJ Dan (001000000101110 Numbanumba)

Angel Award
Mick Lunasea


1 MarkFoo Waverider
2 Bobbi Laval
3 Sunrize Mornington
4 WickedV Carver
5 Maldrul Morris
6 Wilfrid DeCuir
6 Robbin Ember
8 Velvetori Twine
9 Colleen Brennan
10 Coolkat Delicioso
10 Jordan Mendle

Team Awards

1. Vibrations Surf Team
2. Team Montego
3. Tsunami Surf Team

Hall of Fame

Nominees (Syx Toshi, WickedV Carver, Cloudy Mikado, Lissa Pinion, Sunrize Mornington, Leogarto Burt, Analog Jun)

Lissa Pinion - nominated by surfers, verified by HOF members and directors
Cloudy Mikado - nominated by surfers, verified by HOF members and directors


MarkFoo Waverider - season Champion
Bobbi Laval - Runner-up

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