Do We Still Need an Open Comp ?

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Re: Do We Still Need an Open Comp ?

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KantbeThursday wrote: I like the idea of implementing a threshold, and I think the implementation should be that if under the magic 32, the date for Open be canceled and every plan on the date for the Pro.

I also like the suggestion that since some people have already made plans to surf on the date of the Open, that we hold whatever training we can and a party in the stands. We'll already be set with access to an audio stream, have a full sim available, have donation bins out, and have all of the sponsor ads out in view. L;)
I'd like to follow up on this a bit more. From the perspective of a Sponsor, would having activities on the stands, or where ever, where we could continue to display the ad boards at the time of a canceled Open be considered satisfactory without needing some other special adjustments? If not, what would a sponsor like to see that they think would be fair? Sponsorships are extremely important to our ability to Fund competions as we do now. We have to take the Sponsor's expectations into consideration, I would think.

It seems to me that we already have so much in place in terms of not only stands, advertising, and sim availability, but also in the flow of the competition, that baby step changes might be a decent approach. Why not leave the Pro intact, but add a change to the Open time slot, if registrations are below a particular threshold?
- Kantbe

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Re: Do We Still Need an Open Comp ?

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I think there were some cool alternatives mentioned earlier in the thread, but yes any of these changes would have to be discussed and approved by each sponsor wouldn't it? We could speculate all day long and mention alternatives, but without actually speaking with the sponsors, we're just spinning our wheels. Also alternative events in the time slot of a cancelled open, might depend on participation and attendance. I mean sponsors might think an alt event would be great if it has around the same turnout, but if only a handful of people show up, eigh..

I think baby steps are great to! Not just from the sponsors perspective, but would also allow for a smooth transition for all surfers to adapt to as well! Might tick surfers off to completely change the format all at once. Would be easier from managments standpoint, to make small tweaks and minor changes to a system to, as opposed to changing a bunch of stuffs at once and just seeing what happens :P would allow for more experimentation, and community feedback tooooo..

This is such an awesome thread >.< hehe
Xander Lunasea (Datura), AKA: Xan-Boney

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Re: Do We Still Need an Open Comp ?

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Xander makes a good point about the surfing establishment--a couple of little changes now will not only not upset the surfing community, you also will get to see what will work without throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

I am also in favor of capping the registrations and then seeing if an Open is needed for that particular month. As long as the deadlines are consistent from month to month I don't think you'll have a problem amongst the surfers screaming 'not fair'. I would also suggest the deadlines need to be far enough in advance to see who you have participating, looking at your staffing roster, and then deciding how much help you need for that event and who's available. It might also help the SLSA determine more quickly whether or not an event would need to be postponed due to the lack of staffing.

ETA: do you realize this is about as vigorous a debate as whether or not the photos coming out of San Diego from the past couple of days are in fact the tail of a great white shark in the middle of a surf wave or a boogie boarder doing a duck dive? :lol:
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Re: Do We Still Need an Open Comp ?

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OK, it took me forever to find this. I knew the rules for Open were written somewhere. I found them in this post.
I realize too that there have been some errors in applying these rules, probably cause they are buried and not so easy to find. I notice too that there have been some changes since this was posted, probably in another post. For instance the two wildcard spots.

So basically as the rules are right now, if there are less than 11 people for Open, then Open is cancelled and all advance to Pro.
11 - 14 surfers, then we surf three heats and top ten by score advance to Pro.
15 or more then we surf 5 heats and top two from each heat advance to Pro, and the wildcard rule would apply that the next two highest scoring surfers who did not qualify for pro advance also.

So right now there is a provision to cancel an Open event if there are not enough surfers. I suspect Sponsors would understand when explained to them. The value added stuff that VW spoke about would more than make up for it. But I really suspect most of the sponsors are closely involved with SLSA and they understand the issues, this might not be a correct assumption though.

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Re: Do We Still Need an Open Comp ?

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Wow great memory Bobbi, and that is what I far as the elimination of the semis, I just meant take the top twelve and two heats of six for the finals, with the scores of each surfer determining the placing of that surfer...In any event, I can go either way...hmmmm, did I just say that, strike that from the record...Smiling, and, Lissa and Mel, as far as the guac goes and the taking thereof, like George Thorogood and the Destroyers once sang...It Wasn't Me...Must have been some other body, no no child, it wasn't me...

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Re: Do We Still Need an Open Comp ?

Post by Figger Arun »

Thanks Bobbi

Nothing like reinventing the wheel eh ?? Interesting to see how close we came and where things differed.

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Re: Do We Still Need an Open Comp ?

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Hiya folks ..
This topic for me becomes relevant as i work some big hours in RL an the way the comp is set out atm .. I cant compete in the open because of that, but i cant get in the pro less i surf in at least one open .. so in saying that .. for me having the one comp would be advantageous at least for me .. Its great to see some objective discussion on this and i for one will stay tuned to see what the outcome of this is .. :)

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