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Cierra Theriac
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Post by Cierra Theriac »

Kathy, I think you have a very valid point regarding voting.

Regarding the "Rules." The by-laws are not perfect or set in stone. The tablets were not brought down from the mountain. They are like a constitution. Amendments can be made. Of course there is process to do this, and it won't help for Saturday.

One of the reasons the voting restrictions were put in there was to help prevent a "group" or RL corporation from coming in and taking over, and that the voting would be done by the "active" surfing community to best represent themselves. The whole point of SLSA is to hold competitions. That is why it was created, not as a social group. That is just a bonus.

As we know, with an open group anyone can join and can contain a large group of avis (including alts) with questionable motives. Open group, fee to join or not, is another thing that I don't want to get into here.

It was decided that the directors did not have to be competing surfers because there is a population of people well qualified to run the group that do not compete. (for example, in my mind was Keala, not that she would want to). Plus, it is extremely difficult to compete and be a director at the same time. I think most of our competing surfers would not be willing to give up competing.

I didn't compete while a director. It just wasn't possible to do. I also did not vote in the last election because I didn't compete...

Okay babbled on enough...

Point is - the rule was created with the utmost concern about doing the best thing for the people competing in SLSA competitions. If that "rule" is not working then a change needs to be implemented.

Personally, I would like you to have a vote because I respect your opinion.

All IMO. You may tear me apart now.

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Wilfrid DeCuir
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Post by Wilfrid DeCuir »

I surf everyday, sometimes more then twice a day, I paticipate in this blog, I support the SLSA when I compain to the Lindens about LAG and how huge the SLSA is AND what they (the Lindens) can do for us. I have purchased Pipes and Fluffies for the island I live on, I actively encourage ppl to buy boards from reputable Heather/seb vendors. I would love to compete, but havent because of RL.

I CANT VOTE........

I would Love to vote. In RL, I live in the Great White North where the minimum voting age is 18, and even convicts in jail can vote for all levels of government.


Something needs to be ghanged here. I understand the rule is for protection, but that is not the SLSA's mandate, and like all democracys, if the population at large is not happy by how the are representd, if a central group would be running the SLSA, like in RL, they would be inpeached.

Crazy Canuck Hippie Surfer

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Craig Stallion
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Some Insight on Voting

Post by Craig Stallion »

Wilfrid while I completely agree with you that there are some surfers out there that should be eligible to vote and aren't able to because of the current SLSA regulations regarding voter eligibility, opening up registration to include those has far reaching implications. Let me explain a little.

The rules were setup as they are because it was the, keyword here, opinion of the directors that only active surfers should help decide what is going on in the competitive surfing community. I understand what you are saying Wilfrid and I am sympathetic with your dilemma, but if we opened it up to everyone in the SLSA group, we would letting people vote that really have no stake in what is going on with the SLSA. I, as well as many past and present directors feel that would turn the organization down the wrong path.

To further expound on what was said by Cierra, another reason that we do not open it up to all members is to ensure that votes are not stacked. When I say this I am referring to the fact that an election could easily turn into a popularity contest by letting candidates stack the SLSA group, keep in mind that is an OPEN group and therefore anyone can become a member, and simply be a member of the group for the duration of the election period and then leave. This would not accurately reflect the true majority of the SLSA. I know that a solution would to be to close off the group and manually add people, but again that goes against the general concept of letting people come in and experience the surfing world here in SLSA, hopefully becoming much more involved in the process and eventually competing or contributing on some level. This also sets a potentially bad precedent in which certain people could be excluded from the group, for right or wrong reasons, as membership would have to be given out. Again it is our goal to provide a welcoming atmosphere.

I hope that explains a little bit about the thought that went into making the rules how they are and why it is a troublesome issue.
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Post by Oroonie »

I agree with Kathy, that voting should be open to people who've competed in the last two seasons.

I did compete at Majini, this season, but it was over 3 months ago, and haven't been able to compete since.

I want to show my support for the SLSA and am concerned that it should continue. It's frustrating that my vote won't count because of this ruling.

Oroonie xx

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Abel Halderman
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Post by Abel Halderman »

I agree with you, girls. We are losing something by having that 3 months period written in the rulebook.

I would like to hear what new directors think about it.

Cipriano Grut
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Post by Cipriano Grut »

Oki Boss.

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Radical Twang
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Post by Radical Twang »

Personally, as a Director, I do disagree with that rule. There are good reasons for it being in place, but it also discriminates. There's not much that can be done at the moment due to the circumstances, though that being said, even with the new three directors coming on board, we'd need 4/5 of us agreeing to change the rule, also with getting the members consent to it. It's not just a matter of, "That rule sucks, i'm changing it." The rules were put in place to help keep the SLSA structured.

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