SLSA Event Rules (2-17-2011)

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SLSA Event Rules (2-17-2011)

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The following SLSA Event Rules represent the current state of the work. It is still under revision to include things to hopefully make event proceedings more clear. The Board would like to thank all of the previous Board members, especially Sally LaSalle, who have put so much effort into this and elements that will be included in a future revision.

SL Surfing Association Event Rules

1. To enter competition join the Second Life "SL Surfing Association" group, and then Join the SL Surfing Association web Forum at index.php Notices that competition registration is open will be sent to the in world SL Surfing Association group, and will also appear in the forum in the Competition Registration Topic.

2. Surfers competing in an SLSA competition must be in the SL Surfing Association group at all times during the competition.

3. Surfboards - All surfers must use surfboards supported in the competition. Information about surfboards used in the competition will be posted it the forum in the Competition Registration Topic. Surfboards the competitors use may be verified by the Beach Marshall before the heat starts. -

4. Rashguards - All surfers must wear their assigned rashguard while in the water. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.

5. Preliminary heats, semi-finals and finals will allow 3 waves per surfer.

6. Event Check in
Surfers should check in with the Event Coordinator (EC) 15 minutes prior to their assigned heat. They should:
- Ensure that they are wearing the correct color rash guard (rashie) as prescribed in the heat draws.
- Remove all HUDs and scripted attachments.
- Remove prim heavy attachments during your event.
- If you log in after your assigned heat has completed, you cannot be placed into a later heat. You forfeit your place for that event.

7. Beach Marshall Check in
When directed to by the EC, surfers should go to the designated marshaling location on the surf SIM.
The marshall will provide confirmation of surfing sequence and perform a board measurement and rashie check.

8. All ride attempts will be scored by each of 3 judges.

9. Wave score
Each wave that a surfer surfs is scored by 3 judges independently, Each judge assigns a score between 0.5 minimum and 10 maximum for each wave surfed.

10. Heat score
A surfers heat score is calculated as follows. The two best wave scores from each judge are added together for each judge. The added judge totals are then averaged between the three judges to arrive at the final score for the heat for that surfer.

11. Judging Criteria
All waves are scored out of ten points. The criteria below are a categorical breakdown of what the judges will use to score surfer rides.
For each heat, the top two wave scores per surfer are taken for a possible score of 20 points (10 per wave) from each judge. The best 2 wave total from each judge is then average with the other judges to arrive at each surfer's final score for that heat, with a maximum possible score of 20.
Wave length
A maximum of two points can be assigned for how far down the wave the surfer makes it (on their feet). The wave is divided into quarters and 0.5 points are assigned for each quarter that the surfer completes.

Style and control
A maximum of 4 points is assigned for style and control. This is a measure of how in control the surfer was of his board and the wave, whether they were able to use the entire wave, whether their moves were choreographed into a smooth transition between wave sections and tricks, and whether any innovation was exhibited. Loss of control also pertains to bellying out, and falling off either end of the wave.

Tricks and technique
A Maximum of 4 points is assigned for tricks and technique. Tricks and technique include the ability to perform inner and outer turns, low carves and high rolls, 360 and 180 combinations, barrel rolls, flips, hops between wave segments or transitions between waves, and obstacle avoidance of jumping. The nature of the break dictates what is possible.

12. Ties in heats
In case of a tie for first place in a heat, only the tied surfers advance.
In case there is a tie for second place in a heat, both surfers will advance to the next round. The exception is semi-finals in the Pro competition, where only two surfers from a heat advance to the finals, and in case of a tie for second place, and a single surf off wave will be held for the surfers that tied.

13. Competition format
- SL Surfing Association holds two season a year - season 1: February-June, season 2: August-December
- Each season consists of 5 series with two competition per series:
- The Open competition is open for all new surfers and also those currently ranked below 20th place. All heat winners will advance to a final heat. All first and second placing riders from the Open competition will be automatically qualified to compete in the Pro competition in this series.
- The Pro competition is open for the qualifiers from the Open competition and all surfers currently ranked in the top 20.
- The top 2 scores in the Open competition that don't automatically qualify to compete in the Pro competition will receive wild cards.

14. Individual Rank Calculation

Series Placing
Overall placing in a series is determined as follows:
- Pro Finals placing takes precedence.
- Semi final Surf-off losers take the next placing(s) in descending score order.
- Semi finalist that did not progress to the final take the next placing adding together their semi final and preliminary scores in order to sort their position by descending total points.
- Surfers not advancing to the semi finals from the preliminary heats are sorted by their scores to obtain their series place.
- Surfers not advancing from the Open Event are sorted by their scores to obtain their overall series place.

Points for Placing
Surfers are assigned the exact same number of points as their series placing. First place = 1 point, second place = 2 points, 10th place = 10 points and so on.
Points for Non Competing
Surfers that do not compete in a series (DNC) will be assigned points equal to the number of surfers that are assigned a score + 1. So for example if 40 surfers surf and obtain a score, Non Competing Surfers would receive 41 points in this example.
Points for Disqualification
Surfers that are disqualified from an event will be assigned points equal to the number of surfers that are assigned a score + 2. So for example if 40 surfers surf and obtain a score, Disqualified Surfers would receive 42 points in this example.

Overall Ranking will be determined by which surfer has the lower total for the season. The Surfers Seasons Ranking is calculated by adding the points for each series in the season and discarding the highest point (worst series score).
Discarding One Series Result.
- All surfers may discard one and only one series score (irrespective of if and how many times they may have been a volunteer).
- Surfers may not discard a disqualification.
- Surfers that finish a season ranked in the top twenty, may discard a DNC for the first series of the next season, but they will become unranked for the second series and will need to compete in the Open event to proceed to the Pro.
- Surfers that are ranked in the top twenty who miss an event by volunteering for an event official role and subsequently slip from the top twenty, shall be given a wild card entry into the next series Pro.

15. Team Rank Calculation
- The event rank points of the top 3 placing scorers for each team are added to give the team rank score for the event.
- The team with the lowest number of points for the season wins the season.

16. Competing for a team
Registrants should be an officially designated surfer of a surf team before nominating to surf for that team. Their name should be listed with the team on the SLSA internet forum, prior to the event.

17. Disqualification - A disqualification will result in the following penalties-
1st offense - surfer will be disqualified from current heat and heat score will be zero.
2nd offense - surfer will disqualified from current contest/event and that competition points will be zero.
Offenses will accumulate across multiple events.
Disqualification may be caused by:
- violation of the SL Surfing Association Code of Conduct, Second Life Terms of Service or Community Standards of Second Life.
- not belonging to the SL Surfing Association group at all times during the competition;
- using a non-supported surfboard in the competition;
- interference with other competitors rides in any way;

18. Interference -
- If a majority of judges call interference, then that wave will count in the final tally as a zero score. This applies to a riding interference or a paddling interference, where the surfer catches that particular wave.
-Under top two wave tally, the interfering surfer will be penalized with a loss of 50% of his second best scoring ride.
-If a surfer incurs another interference penalty during the same heat his best wave score will be halved also.
-A majority of judges must call the interference to be considered an interference.

19. Spectators
Spectators are expected to behave in a respectful manner to other participants of the event - spectators, competitors and officers. The event Security Officer may use their powers to eject or ban a spectator from the spectators area or sim in case they do not act according to that manner.
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Re: SLSA Event Rules (2-17-2011)

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