Board Sizes and Board Checks prior to Competitions

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Sierra Sugar
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Board Sizes and Board Checks prior to Competitions

Post by Sierra Sugar »

[[Please read entire post. Valuable information provided for each registered surfer]]

To streamline the length of the competition and to make each surfer responsible for their actions, the SLSA directors have decided to do away with preliminary board checks. However, we will still perform random board checks throughout a competition and if a surfer is found competing on a board that is not fully regulation they will be disqualified. No questions, no explanations, no excuses. It is YOUR responsibility to make sure you have a regulation spec surf board prior to start of competition.

What exactly does this mean? And how can each individual surfer make sure they have the right board for the right competition? Here are a few guidelines.

1. In your registration package, along with your rash guards, a board size checker will be included. Simply REZ the checker on the ground in front of you (make sure you are on land that allows you to create/REZ objects). Then REZ your board, right click and edit your board, use the colored arrows to move your board to the size checker. Take note of which post your board is closest to in size. The smallest post is a Big Dawg Board size, the middle post is a Namiko size, and the tallest post is the original SSI board size. For short board competitions you will want your board inbetween the Big Dawg and Namiko, for Regular/Long board competitions you will want it Namiko - SSI sized. ((see exact measurements below))

Shortboard: 2.25 meters (Big Dawg size) to 3.38 meters (Namiko Board size)
Longboard: 3.38 meters (Namiko size) to 4.41 meters (Full length SSi size)

2. Currently (subject to change in the future) only Heather scripted waves and boards are used in SLSA sactioned events. To check to make sure you have a board with original Heather scripts and Sebastian animations REZ your board somewhere that allows for object creation (your personal land or any of the public beaches). Right click your board, edit your board, select the button "More", and then look on the general tab (the first tab). The creator of the board (no matter who the board designer is) should be listed as Sebastian Saramago or Heather Goodliffe. If you see another name in the spot for creator please contact an SLSA director to have your board inspected.

List of current board designers that design on Heather Goodliffe boards:
(certainly not complete at this time, please let a director know if we've inadvertantly left off an important name)

Heather Goodliffe
Sebastian Saramago
Keala Mimimstrobell (Namiko)
Sammy Jo Ah (SJA)
Schrotvogel Wei (SJA)
Gaz Ranger (GR Boards)
Seano Osumi (GR Boards)
Sierra Sugar (Big Dawg Boards)
Thor Bishop (Big Dawg Boards)
Radical Twang (Reaction)
Sally LeSalle
Valent1ne Apopgee

[I know that at this writing I have left off several names of known board (texture) designers. Please contact me to have your name added if you do not see it listed above]

3. Finally, if you ever have any concerns, questions, or doubts that you have selected a legal competition board to surf on at any given competition always contact a SLSA director PRIOR to the scheduled surf competition.

Please surfers, be responsible for your boards and your actions. Use these tools to check your boards fully prior to competition day, ask questions prior to competition day, and show up for your scheduled heat on time and ready to go on competition day. We as directors are here to help you and help competitions run smoothly. Help us in this attempt to streamline and shorten the length of competition days for everyone's enjoyment.

Thank you everyone! Lets surf!!!

The SLSA Directors
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Bobbi Laval
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Re: Board Sizes and Board Checks prior to Competitions

Post by Bobbi Laval »

There is a discrepency with the board checker being distributed in the comp packages. Carefull checking will show that the board checker is 2 meters for the short board, 3 meters for the Namiko, and 4 meters for the longboard. These numbers don't really jive with the notecard, or what actual board lengths are.

The length of a BigDog is 2.25 meters, the invisible prim and graphic prim are closely fitted to each other. Though the invisible prim is actually a tiny bit longer than the graphic prim.

Namiko boards, the length of the visible prim is 3.38 meters, though the invisible prim is smaller, actually closer to 3.19 meters.

This obviously raises a few issues, but is something everyone should be aware of.

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