Havoc 4 Hosing the waves for the upcoming competition

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Mateus Rieko
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Havoc 4 Hosing the waves for the upcoming competition

Post by Mateus Rieko »

Ok now that we have havoc 4 update and it HAS hosed the waves and he way the boards interact with them.. so we are supposed to compete.. Sat. under these new conditions and hope for the best? I have been practicing at the new SLSA competition spot and everything has changed. try to use C and the direction key to stand up and you end up under the wave or way out front of it.. since your board already starts out under water.. so we get to just go in under handicap now? Just wondering since there will be no fix from LL...

Oh and the waves take 5 to 7 min in between to come up.. the longest was 10 minutes.. being in heat 7, if everyone caught the EXACT WAVE.. well this will take all day...

Just looking for some sane answers.. laughs

Mateus Rieko.. Captain, Ripcurl Surfers

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Milo Voss
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Sane answers....not a one of them here.

Good question that is on all our minds. I hung out at Surfline last night (Wed) off and on for about two hours. I asked a total of seven surfers how the waves were riding. Since the Havoc stuff came up I was expecting the worst but they all said it was great. I did not have a chance to get in but I will be there tonight for some rolls.

I also noticed the frequency issue and that is being addressed. An ALL day event would not be cool...my legs go numb after 7 hours.

To answer your question, I do not know if it will be moved but I doubt it. We are watching closely.

What timing huh? :lol:

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Wilfrid DeCuir
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Post by Wilfrid DeCuir »

Well, from what I've seen, the wave rezz time depends on each sim. Since HAVOC4, I've noticed some sim whit hardly any waves being rezzed, and I've seen some sim where all their waves are rezzed with a slightly longer wait time.

And with the new physics, until either LL comes out with a fix, or we get new scripts from heather, or both, basically it's re-learning how to surf and figuring out which tricks work, and dont'. Furstrating I know, and bad timing indeed, specially after working for so long, (with success), to finally not belly in certain tricks with the old physics.

So PPL, Practice, Practice, Practice, Practice, Practice, Practice.....!!!!

Crazy Canuck Hippie Surfer

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Ashleigh Dickins
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