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Aspen P.A.R.X.
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BoneYard Comp

Post by Aspen P.A.R.X. »

I want to congratulate Wilfred on his win yesterday. I'm sure the first of many to come. I want to set the record straight why I forfeited just before the competition.
After spending hours on end surfing the Boneyard last week (some spent with Wilfred) I was ready as a new member to shred the waves. I was given the last heat of the day and I arranged my schedule around it. I'm in the east so I knew It would be safe to go ahead and work in RL. After not receiving my rashie I went looking to see what was up.After looking through the forum I find out I was moved up to heat 5 at the last minute. I contacted Sally who informed me that the rules state you have to be ready at all times. Well some changes were made for certain individuals and it left me no choice but to pull out of the comp. Sorry to add but I was never contacted by the SLSA nor did I recieve my rashie for the comp. Sally tried to accommodate me, but the fact was it was too late for me to change my work since I was already there in RL.I used my whole lunch break trying to work it out but to no avail. I'm just telling my side so everyones knows I had no choice. Heat assignments should not be changed once given out...if you dont like your draw then its your problem don't make it mine.

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Sally LaSalle
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Post by Sally LaSalle »

Hi Aspen, very sorry that you had to withdraw.
I take full responsibility for that because I did not contact you prior to moving you from the 8th heat to the 5th heat. While trying to accommodate someone else's request I neglected to check with you to see if it was ok and that's totally my fault.

I certainly do urge all surfers that register, to be ready to surf at any time, especially given that, with the "waves per surfer" system, heat times are at best an estimate, and could very easily run ahead of schedule on a short break.

In addition, heat draws are subject to change up to and including event day, due to substitutions for late withdrawals. So always check the schedule on the forum and be at the venue before the competition start. Heats are drawn based on an even distribution of ranked surfers across all heats.

I hope to see you at the next comp!
Sally LaSalle


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Wilfrid DeCuir
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Re: BoneYard Comp

Post by Wilfrid DeCuir »

Hey Aspen, thanks for the Congrats mate. sorry you hd problems at the Yards. Looking forward in surfing with ya at the next comp bro!

Crazy Canuck Hippie Surfer

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