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Tightline Kidd wins the Heliopolis Invitational!

SLSA’s first sponsored invitational was held at Heliopolis. This is one of SL’s sweetspots for surfing, with two pipes and fluffies that are split by a pier. Shooting it was one of the highlights! Here is how the top 4 rounded out.

1st Tightline Kidd
2nd Craig Stallion
3rd Kathy Heberle
4th Colleen Brennan

An awesome performance by all the surfers!

Welcome Rani and Craig!

Please join me in welcoming Rani Decosta and Craig Stallion to the SLSA Board of Directors. Congratulations Rani and Craig!

SLSA Board of Director Elections – SATURDAY

No matter how careful we are, sometimes things are not quite clear. Here are the basics regarding the election:

WHEN – Elections will be held over a 24-hour period, midnight to midnight SLT, Saturday Sept. 1

WHO CAN VOTE – Surfers who have competed in at least 1 SLSA event (imagi, Crab Island, Chi) may vote [Note: you must have competed/surfed not just entered] Still not sure? Check the results page-if you received a placing in one of the events (you have numbers after your name) you can vote

WHAT IS BEING VOTED ON – 2 seats/places/director positions are open

WHO YOU CAN VOTE FOR – Running in this election are: Craig Stallion, Dharma Austin, and Rani Decosta

WHAT DO YOU DO – Here’s the technical part: How to vote
1) Create a notecard
2) Rename your notecard – SLSA Election Vote
3) Write your name at the top
4) Select two of the above persons and write their names – Do not write one name twice, one person cannot sit in two seats
5) Save your notecard
6) Send your notecard (drop in profile inventory) to all 5 current board members: Cierra Theriac, Flynn Sheridan, Kimmy Fitzgerald, Malcolm Sydney, and Seano Osumi – if we do not ALL get your notecard your vote will be voided. You can check your transaction history to make sure it was sent to everyone

– not following all of the above will invalidate/void your vote. This is to insure fairness and accuracy.

– WHY IS THIS SO IMPORTANT? No SLSA Board-no one to organize surf competitions

If you have any questions at all, please IM Cierra Theriac or Flynn Sheridan. We want you to vote, so we are more than happy answer questions and clarify anything regarding the election process.

SLSA Board of Director Elections

Two seats on the SLSA Board of Directors are up for election in September. This notice was sent out to group members on August 12th. Please note the deadline to submit your nomination is today August 18th.

Below are rules about the election process. Contact Flynn Sheridan, or any of the Directors to clarify the election process.

Key dates:
Submitting to run for Directors’ Seat – August 18th
Election Vote – September 1st


Election Process of SLSA (*adapted from the Constitution of the ISA*)

The SLSA will be governed and managed by an Executive Board comprising of five (5) Directors. Each Director has equal rights and responsibilities. Each Director shall either step down from the Executive Board or apply for election at the end of their term.

Eligible Voting Membership
Only competition surfers are eligible to vote for Directors of the Executive Board, under the following rules:

(1) Competition surfers shall have competed in at least one SLSA sanctioned competition during the previous three months (i.e., election period) to be eligible to vote;

(2) Eligible voting members shall have the right to vote on each open director’s seat. If two directors’ seats are open, then each member will have two votes to cast; if three seats are open, then the member will have three votes to cast.

(3) Eligible voting members shall not vote for a candidate more than once, otherwise their complete vote will become invalid and not counted.

(4) Eligible voting members shall send in writing, to all members of the standing board of directors, a notecard (IM’s are not admissible) to cast their candidate votes. [This clause ensures open and fair elections, while preserving voter animinity among the SLSA general body. Directors of the Executive Board are forbiden from discussing voting results with anyone a outside the 5 standing Directors.]

Election of Directors
Rules for the Election of Directors of the Executive Board:

(a) The directors shall be elected by majority vote of eligible members and shall hold office for a period of six (6) months:

(1) Elections shall be staggered every 3 months, so that not all of the Directors will run for office at a single election;

(2) The election pattern will be 3, 2, 3… (where three directors’ seats will be open for election, followed by two directors’ seats three months later, then followed by three directors’ seats, etc.);

(3) The top three (or two) candidates elected by majority vote will fill the open directors’ seats. If a tie occurs for the lowest majority count, then a run-off will occur seven (7) days later.
(b) Should a vacancy occur in the membership of the Executive Board between elections, such vacancy shall be filled by resolution of the Executive Board in a unanimous vote, with that Directors’ seat being open for election at the next general election.

(c) In the event that there are no candidates eligible or willing to run for election for a Director’s seat(s), SLSA will dissolve as an association.

Director Eligibility
(a) Any individual who is a current member of SLSA is eligible to hold office as a Director of the Executive Board, within the following rule(s):

(1) Not more than two representatives from any one member body (i.e., surf team, vendor, etc.) shall be eligible for election to the Executive Board at any single election. A first come first serve process will be in effect for this election condition.

(b) Individuals shall apply in writing to all members of the standing board of directors (via notecard, IM’s are not admissible) not more than 21 days and not less than 14 days prior to an election

Craig Stallion Wins the Chi Shortboard Pro

What a day! SLSA’s first Shortboard competition produced some amazing surfing.

Due to a tie in the semi-finals – there were 7 finalists. The Final Heat results were:

1. Craig Stallion
2. ritch Goalpost
3. Mape Riptide
4. Colleen Brennan
5. Frankie Miles
6. Gypsie Summers
7. Tightline Kidd

Final Rankings will be posted to the Rankings page soon. Check your group messages and back here for information to be sent out and posted regarding the next competition.

Chi Shortboard Challenge

On August 11th at 1pm the first SLSA sanctioned Shortboard Surf Competition will take place at Chi.

IM Cierra Theriac in-world or send an email ( to get
registered… Registration ends at 5 pm SLT onThursday August 9th. It’s coming sooner than you think. 😉

More information will be sent out and posted here soon.

Congratulations Gypsie Summers!

At the second SLSA longboard competition, held on July 14th at Crab Island, Gypsie Summers held off some very close competition for the win. The entire competition was hard fought and the finishings well earned!

Rounding out the top 4:

1. Gypsie Summers
2. DeVinna Toll
3. Jhuriel Hax
4. Tightline Kidd

Congratulations to everyone who surfed! It was a great day.

Crab Island Classic

The next longboard competition will be held on July 14th at Crab Island.

The first heat will take place at 1pm. Competitior check in is at 12:15 pm.

To compete in the event, IM Cierra Theriac in-world. Competitior packages will be sent out Friday July 13th.

For the most up-to-date rules make sure you check the Rulebook page prior to the competition.