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Registration for Lightening Dominion Sunset Competition Series Now Open!

Continuing the ‘Season Of Classics’, we are going to be surfing shortboards on a Sunset sculpty wave.

When: September 10th and September 17th at 11:00 AM SLT

Where: Jaguar / Lightning Video SLURL:

Boards will be SSI Shortboard script 5.1, 5.2 or 5.2dlg.

Wave: Sunset

Follow the link to the SLSA forum to register your avatar for the series:

*Conditional Waiver*
By registering for this competition you hereby agree to abide by the SLSA sportsmanship code and you give your permission to allow your IMs with event officers, that only occur during the competition, to be seen only by other event officers who may need to decide on protests, appeals or tribunals.”

Meet Your Candidates – September 9th, 2011 Election

We have received 2 candidate submissions for the 2 postions to be filled in the upcoming September 9th Directors Election. The following represents the text from the 2 submissions (in no particular order):


Hiya! It’s me Sunny, Sunrize Mornington. I wish to stand as a director and serve a full term; giving back to the community I love.

I have been active in the SLSA since June 2008, have surfed many comps and I have been privileged to be a judge; judging 2 pros and 2 opens.

I want to see the SLSA grow and become more financially sound. I feel we need more classes to teach others to take part in their surf community, not only as competitors but as staff for the competitions. Classes need to be held on various days and times to allow more people to get involved. I love this community and want it to thrive in Second Life.

Please put me on the ballet and let’s keep this party going. :)

Sunrize Mornington



Please accept this notecard as my application to run for a position as one of the directors of the SLSA.

I am not planning on any long vacations or out of country jaunts for the next 6 months and I spend a fair amount of time at my desk so Im usually able to stay in pretty regular contact with SLSA stuff. Course the Christmas holidays and folks coming to visit an so on.

I’m on Tsunami team by Colleen’s good graces and I have no product affiliations but Luscious and I do hang out together sometimes. I live on a lil island at Monkey and am sole owner/person who pays rent.

I’m pretty hopeless at building things or webstuff, but I’m organized (except my inventory) and usually not too much of jerk. I think I could do OK coordinating things or talking to people and I do believe SL needs the SLSA or it would be a much more boring place.

Figger Arun

2011 Season 2 ‘Season Of Classics’ Kickoff!

The SL Surfing Association’s 2011 Season 2 ‘Season Of Classics’ kicked off this last Saturday, August 20th, with the Archipelago Open at the SLSA managed surf sim. Several new SLSA members competed along side some seasoned veterans on an awesome 3 panel Epic while riding their favorite longboards.

The top two riders from each heat will advance to compete in the Archipelago Pro event scheduled for next Saturday, August 27th.

Here are the final results from Saturday’s event:


sven Homewood   (RED) 13.166
Iria Defiant    (BLUE) 11.000
Sausage Afterthought    (GREEN) 11.500


sven Homewood   (RED) 13.833
Cristal Rowlands    (BLUE) 10.500
Rom Heungsung   (GREEN) 12.500
Fonda Fugue     (ORANGE) 13.000


Iria Defiant    (RED) 13.667
amatsu Dezno (BLUE) NS
Sally LaSalle   (GREEN) 13.167

Heat 3

Xander Datura   (RED) 13.333
Sausage Afterthought    (BLUE) 13.667
Anabelle Marquis    (GREEN) 8.667

Surfers advancing to the Pro competition:

sven Homewood
Fonda Fugue
Iria Defiant
Sally LaSalle
Xander Datura
Sausage Afterthought

Surfers on Standby (In case of No Shows):

Rom Heungsung
Cristal Rowlands
Anabelle Marquis

Archipelago Competition Series Registration Open!

The SLSA ‘Season Of Classics’ is about to start. REGISTRATION for the first season series is now OPEN!

You can register at:

If you do not have a SLSA forum account yet, please create one to register for the Archipelago series.

The series is open to every SLSA member. The Open competition with take place on Saturday Aug 20th and start at 11am SLT; the Pro one – on Saturday Aug 27th, and start at 11am SLT as well.

Let’s have a great comp!