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Surfing pictures wanted

Thanks to Xander Datura the SLSA has a booth at Asylum Sports. Sunrize and Maldrul are decorating it and Sunrize  is asking for surfing pictures from SLSA comps for a slide show. “We want to show the sport of surfing in SL.” Sunny said. “We also are hoping to add videos of surfing on a laptop or tv so people can see riders on waves. We have a laptop that directs visitors to the SLSA website as well as a joiner board and landmark to the SLSA Sim. We want to show people what a great thing surfing is.”
If you have pictures of riders on the waves from a SLSA comp, please send them to Sunrize Mornington.
Thank you.

SLSA Director By-Election

A By-election for the vacant director position, will be held on February the 5th. The successful candidate will serve the remaining term approximately 4 months. If you would like to stand for election please submit a note card stating your intent to run to the four sitting directors, Figger Arun, Maldrul Morris, Sally LaSalle and Sunrize Mornington, by midnight February 3rd.

To see the current list of eligible voters follow this link:

2011 Season 2 Chi Open Comp has been combined with the Chi Pro Comp

While registrations are up from last month, with 30 surfer registrations we have decided to combine Open and Pro events into one fun packed day.  So come and watch the surfers shred those waves on November 12th.  See you in the spectator stands!

The Chi comp will now be on Nov 12, 2011 at 11 A.M. SLT.