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Call for Venues Season 1 2016

SLSA is now taking applications from those that would like to host a competition during the 2016 Season 1 competition season (Feb – June).

Follow the Survey Monkey link to complete an application:
Deadline to get your application in is Wednesday, January 13th. If we do not get enough applications, we will extend the deadline at that time. Thank you!

Call for Venues 2016 Season 1 to Host Comps

SLSA is now taking applications from those that would like to host a competition during the 2016 Season 1 competition season (Feb – June).

Follow the Survey Monkey link to complete an application:
Deadline to get your application in is Wednesday, January 13th. If we do not get enough applications, we will extend the deadline at that time. Thank you!

Director By-Election Results December 20th 2015

We held a special by-election to replace Valium Lavender whom resigned this past week citing personal reasons. We would like to thank her for her service. She really poured her heat into being Sim Officer and fun raiser for the Solace Dreams sim, home to SLSA headquarters. We’d like to give a warm welcome to the winner Jen Gustafson with 13 votes. Thank you for your willingness to serve Jen!

Surf Religion HP5 JAWS Pro Results

Our last competition of this season two 2015 was held at the gorgeous Surf Religion sim owned by Valium Lavender. The HP Epic wave was the choice of wave for HP5 boards. The surfers carved up the wave showing off their talents as the did 360’s, handstands, and graceful hang tens. It was a great day of fun. We thank all of our surfers whom participated and congrats to our winners:

Roxy (Roxyangel007) 14.50
Cierra Theriac 14.33
Sunrize Mornington 13.66
Annie Panties 13.83

Petra Xaris 11.50
JohnnyWhadd 14.50
Jims destiny 7.00
Daphne Yardley-Way ‘ 0.00

Toni Justice, 12.66
Bri Graycloud 13.33
Mike (vallely) 13.33
Curshaw MacTagairt 10.16

Aquadoc (Aquadoc) 13.83
Moira 13.00
MissyLovsu 11.83
Stoner 10.50

Kr1st3n (Kr1st3n 14.50
Gia Melody 13.66
Mick Lunasea 11.83
Rachel Emodemon 13.66

Ronan Blake 14.66
Sally LaSalle 0.00
Reigndrop – 13.00
Carlyle Chaparral 13.50

Semi 1
Roxy (Roxyangel007 14.33
Mike (vallely) 12.33
Ronan Blake 13.83
Gia Melody 12.33

Semi 2
JohnnyWhadd 12.50
Aquadoc (Aquadoc) 13.50
Cierra Theriac 14.00
Rachel Emodemon 13.66
Carlyle Chaparral 12.66

Semi 3
Bri Graycloud 13.50
Kr1st3n (Kr1st3n) 14.50
Annie Panties 13.83
Sunrize Mornington 14.16

Roxy (Roxyangel007) 13.83
Cierra Theriac 15.00
Kr1st3n (Kr1st3n) 14.33
Sunrize Mornington 14.00
Ronan Blake 14.50
Annie Panties 13.83

A big thank you to our title sponsor Valium Lavender for hosting this compeition at her lovely Surf Religion surf sim. Also, to all of the staff whom made this day possible: EC- Petra Xaris/Gia Melody, Head Judge-Neptune, Judge-JT Casteanea, Judge-Jen Gustafson, Marshalls-Roxyangel007/Cierra Theriac/Reigndrop/Gia Melody, Security Officer-Valium Lavender and DJ- JohnnyWhadd. Rashies and trophies were created by the talented jen Gustafson. Thank you!

Director Election Results December 1st 2015

Seems like Director elections are always rolling around… On December 1, 2015 SLSA members voted in Petra Xaris, Ronan Blake and Reigndrop. We weould like to give a big thank you to our outgoing directors, Cierra Therriac, Rayzza Rubble and Robbim Ember for their selfless service to our organization, SLSA.

Tai LSD Pro November 2015

Tai sim owned by Sally LaSalle was the setting of our 3rd comp of the season. It was an LSD experience no one will ever forget carving up the LSD waves created by Luscious Starship, the Empy Restaurant and Backdoor waves. Surfers had their choice of which they wanted to surf and this made for an interesting event. Congrats to all our surfers and winners of the day!

1st Moira 15.66
2nd Kristen 15.00
3rd Ronan Blake 14.66
4th RoxyAngel 14.16
5th MissyLovesU 13.83
6th Petra Xaris 11.33

Semi Final 1
RoxyAngel007 14.33*
Petra Xaris 13.50* # surf off wave 6.66
Neptune01 13.33
Mick Lunasea 11.66

Semi Final 2
Moira 15.00*
Rayzza Rubble 13.50 #surf off wave 5.66
Maldrul Morris 13.00
JohnnyWhadd 10.83

Semi Final 3
Kristen 14.33*
Ronan Blake 14.00*
MissyLovesU 13.66*
Gia Melody 12.50

Preliminary Heats
Heat 1
Neptune01 16.33*
MissyLovesU 13.83*
Petra Xaris 12.50*
Annie Panties 11.33

Heat 2
Moira 15.00*
RoxyAngel007 14.33*
Carlyle Chaparall 8.17
Jims Destiny DNS

Heat 3
Ronan Blake 13.83*
Maldrul Morris 12.33*
Aquadoc 11.33
Stoner130 8.50

Heat 4
Mick Lunasea 12.16*
Gia Melody 12.00*
Toni Justice 11.83
Daphny Wardley DNS

Heat 5
JohnnyWhadd 13.83*
Cierra Theriac 11.33
Mike Vallely DNS
Zelda Zimberman DNS

Heat 6
Kristen 14.33*
Rayzza Rubble 14.00*
Rachel Emodemon DNS
Reigndrop DNS

A big thank you to Sally LaSalle our title sponsor at her Tai sim and to our staff whom made this fun day possible: EC – Gia Melody and Cierra Theriac, Head Judge- Sally LaSalle, Judge – JT Castanea, Judge – Bobbi Laval, Marshal – Roxy Angel and Neptune and Cierra, Security Officer- Rayzza Rubble and DJ – Johnny Whadd. Trophies and Rashies by – Sallly LaSalle.

Kauai SSI Shortboard Pro October 2015

It was the beautiful sandy beaches of Kauai where we had our 3rd Pro competition of Season Two 2015. The Maverick waves sped along as surfers showed their skills on their SSI shortboards carving it up in style. Congratulations to all our surfers and winners!

1st Neptune 14.50
2nd Cierra Theriac 13.66
2nd Sunrize Mornington 13.66
4th Toni Justice 13.00
5th Ronan 12.83
6th Petra Xaris 12.33

Semi Final 1
Neptune 14.83*
Petra Xaris 14.66**
Roxy Angel 14.50
Kristen 13.50
Missy 12.50

Semi Final 2
Ronan 13.83*
Moira 13.66
Sally LaSalle 13.66
Mike 12.66

Semi Final 3
Cierra Theriac 13.66*
Sunny Mornington 13.66*
Toni Justice 13.66*
Brad Fresh 13.50

Heat 1
Neptune 15.83*
Moira 14.33**
Maldrul Morris 12.16
MissyLovesU 13.33**
Sunrize Mornington 14.00**

Heat 2
Ronan 14.50*
Bri Graycloud 13.33
Followingwaves Sirbu DNC
Daphne Yardley 10.66

Heat 3
Kr1st3n 13.83**
JohnnyWhadd DNC
Cierra Theriac 14.33*
Annie Panties 6.83

Heat 4
Petra Xaris 14.16*
Sally LaSalle 14.16*
Jims Destiny 10.83
Mike 13.50**

Heat 5
Toni Justice 13.50*
BradFresh 13.33**
Lanky Silvercloud DNC
Stoner130 10.83

Heat 6
Roxy Angel 14.50*
Harbor Piers DNC
Gia Melody 13.16
Aquadoc 12.33

We’d like to thank Twstd Ruggles for her title sponsorship Kauai and to all the staff that made this day possible: EC – Cierra Theriac, HJ – JT Castanea, J – Bobbi Laval, J – Zelda Zimberman, M – Roxy Angel, SO- Vally Lavender-Gustufson, DJ – Johnny Whadd. Also, the maker of our tropies and rashies keeping the surfers dressed in style: Trophies and Rashies – Neptune.

Bluff Cove C-3 Pro Results Sept. 2015

It was a combination of Maoili Swell waves and Moali Freestyle that was the break of choice. Surfers could choose either to carve it up on the C-3 surfboards created by Shack Shapira. It was a day of great fun! Congratulations to all whom participated and to our winners:

1st Neptune 15.83
2nd Roxyangel 14.33
3rd Kr1st3n 13.83
4th Toni Justice 12.66
4th Ronan Blake 12.66
6th JohnnyWhadd 12.33

Semi Final 1
Toni Justice 13.16**
Bri Graycloud 12.33
Kr1st3n 15.00*
Jims Destiny 9.33

Semi Final 2
Neptune 16.50*
JohnnyWhadd 13.33**
Mike 12.33
Cierra Theriac 9.83

Semi Final 3
Roxyangel 13.16**
Moira 11.00
Ronan Blake 13.33*
Maldrul Morris 12.66

Heat 1
Ronan Blake 12.66**
Brad Fresh 9.33
Missy Lovesu 11.33
Toni Justice 13.00*
Ophelia Merrryyman 11.33

Heat 2
Neptune01 16.16*
Kr1st3n 15.00**
Mick Lunasea 8.50
Jims Destiny 12.66**
Mike 14.00**

Heat 3
Roxyangel 12.83*
Sally LaSalle 11.16
Lanky Silvercloud DNC
Rachel Emodemon 10.83
Annie Panties 10.66

Heat 4
Petra Xaris 11.83
Giavannamarie Melody 12.00
Bri Graycloud 12.50*
Daphne Yardleyy-Wayward 6.67
Viktor (viktormarkov) DNC

Heat 5
Harbor Piers DNC
Reigndrop 11.66
JohnnyWhadd 12.83*
Cierrra Theriac 12.66**
Maryann Maa DNC

Heat 6
Moira (venera74) 12.50*
Maldrul Morris 12.16**
Aquadoc 10.83
Curshaw MacTagairt 7.00
Epiphany Kattun DNC

A big thank you to our title sponsor Cierra Theriac & Flynn Sheridan at their beautiful Bluff Cove sim and to all our staff whom made this day possible: Event Coordinator – Robbin Ember, Head Judge – Bobbi Laval, Judge – JT Castanea, Judge – Connie (Countess Decosta), Marshal – Roxy/Neptune/Cierra, Security- Flynn Sheridan and DJ – Reigndrop. Also to the makers of our outfits and trophies- Rashies – Gia Melody, Trophies – Cierra Theriac. Thank you!