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Carpe Diem Two SSi longboard Open 10/12/2013

For our 3rd surfing competition of Season 2 – 2013, twenty-five SLSA surfers took to the waves at Valium Lavender’s sim Carpe Diem Two for the SSi Longboard Open. While the surfers ripped the HP Jaws wave, DJ pronvelle Cristole, had the crowd rockin’ in the stands as they cheered on their favorites. Congrats to all those that surfed and to the Top Eleven winners that will advance on to next weeks Pro comp.
1st Place – Figger Arun 14.50
1st Place – Alvaro Pevensey 14.50
3rd Place – Shannon Cardaline 14.16
4th Place – Zelda Zimberman 12.83
5th Place – Sarah Pevensey 12.66
5th Place – Katielove Adore 12.66

And the 5 surfers rounding out top 11:
Kristoffer June 14.00
Michael Romani 13.00
Bethany Felisimo 13.66
Rick Gall 12.50

On behalf of myself, Petra Xaris, and our SLSA family, a big thank you to all the staff that made this comp a success: Event Coordinator and Security Officer – Bobbi Laval-LaSalle, Head Judge – Sally LaSalle, Judge – Robin Mapp, Judge – Abel Halderman, Marshal – Cierra Theriac and DJ – pronvelle Cristole.

Please join us on October 19th 11AM SLT when thirty-one SLSA surfers go head to head, carving the Jaws wave to show off their talents in the Carpe Diem Longboard Pro. Here is your limo:

Island Sea Dreams HP5 Pro

On September 21, 2013, thirty talented SLSA surfers carved the Maoli waves at Connie DeCostas lush tropical Island Sea Dreams sim for some high flying HP5 fun.

Congratulations to the top six surfers as well as Semi Finalists and to all those whom participated in this exciting event:

1. Harbor Piers 15.33
2. Robin Mapp 15.17
3. Abel Halderman 15.00
4. WillowWynn 14.50
4. Sunrize Mornington 14.50
6. Maldrul Morris 12.17

Semi Finalists:
Colleen Brennan 14.17
JohnnyWhadd 14.00
Dax Kona 13.67
Pinkkoala 13.33
RoxyAngel 13.50
Ace 13.17

SEMI SURF OFF (two wave decider, surfers remained tied after first wave!)
Robin Mapp (winner) 20.5
Colleen Brennan 18.5

The competition was well organized and ran smoothly finishing up in under six hours. From the entire SLSA family and myself, Petra Xaris-EC, a special thanks to all staff involved in the comp: Head Judge- Sally LaSalle, Judge- Bobbi Laval-LaSalle, Judge -Figger Arun, Marshalls- Cierra Therriac and Monq Pinklady, DJ- Pronvelle Cristole, Security Officer -Countess DeCosta and MC- Dax Kona.

Please join us at our next SLSA Carpe Diem Longboard Series Open on Saturday October 12, 2013 at 11AM SLT where 29 surfers will battle for the top ten spots to qualify for the Pro the following weekend. Here is your limo:

Island Sea Dreams Open Comp 9/14/2013

As we kicked off our 2nd comp of Season 2 2013, fifty SLSA surfers entered the Island Sea Dreams HP5 comp. We have not had this kind of participation in years!

In the Open held Saturday September 14, 2013, thirty out of the fifty were scheduled to surf, 23 of which did. It seems as though more and more are finding surfing in SL and discovering it’s a very fun and exciting sport to be a part of. We had a great turn out in the grandstands as well, numerous spectators cheering on the surfers as they carved the Maoli waves in this outstanding surfing event.

Congratulations to all of our surfers!
Here are the top five winners from the Open:

1-JohnnyWhadd 14.00
2-Harbor Piers 13.00
3-Sarah Pevensey 12.83
4-Rose Morgan 12.33
4-RomanDevereaux 12.33

And here are the remaining 6 surfers which will be moving on to the Pro as well:

Michael Romani 13.66
Dax Kona 13.33
TawnieLee Rotaru 13.00
agent Bart 13.00
Pinkkoala 12.50
Kristen 12.50

On behalf of SLSA family and myself, Petra Xaris – EC, I’d like to send out a big thank you to all the staff members which helped to make this competition possible: Head Judge-Wil DeCuir, Judge-Alvaro Pervensey, Judge-Willowwynn (her first time judging congrats on a job well done, Willow!) Marshall-Monq Pinklady, Security-Countess Decosta, DJ-Pronvelle Cristole, MC-Dax Kona. Special thanks to Countess Decosta for being Title Sponsor and holding this event at her beautiful sim Island Sea Dreams!

Please join us on September 21st 11AM SLT, as the surfing continues…Our top eleven winners from the Open will join up with twenty Pro surfers at the Island Sea Dreams HP5 Pro Comp which proves to be a spectacular surfing event. Here is your limo :

New Directors

Congratulations to Bobbi LaSalle and Robin Mapp as our new SLSA directors voted in on September 1, 2013. They have joined sitting directors Dax Verlaine, Alvaro Pevensey and myself, Petra Xaris. We’d also like to thank JohnnyWhadd for being one of the candidates in the election and a very active member of SLSA.  And to Nico and Dax Kona, our outgoing directors, thank you so much for your dedication and service, you are both awesome!