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June 29th SLSA LSD Pro Comp Details

Here are deails for our June Pro surfing competition:

Date: June 29th
Time: 2PM SLT
Venue: Tai
Surfboard: LSD Comp Rezzer ONLY provided
Wave: LSD Empty Restaurant (One wave)

Regarding Director Election, June 8th 2019

For personal reasons Shilow Carter retracted her nomination to run for director. We thank her for her consideration to run and are sorry she is no longer a candidate. We wish her all the best in her future endeavors!

We now have 3 candidates for 3 seats. According to our constitutional rule, we are not holding a voting election today but it will be an auto election. Please read more at our forum post:

Meet the Candidates for Board of Directors Election June 8th

The following candidates have put in nominations to run for our June 8th Director Election, Shilow Carter, Moira (venera74), Annie (jadeEast) and Petra Xaris. You may read more at the SLSA forum:

Reopening Call for Director Candidates June 8, 2019

Regretfully, we did not receive enough director nominations for the 3 empty director seats for our June 1st election. We will be suspending all events per rule of our Constitution until we get at least 3 candidates for an election. The nomination process will be open until May 28th and the election rescheduled. If you’d like to run to keep our organization going, please put in your nomination to the sitting directors.
Read More here:

Bluff Cove C-3 Pro Comp Registration Open

Where and when:
Date: May 18th, 1 PM SLT
Sim: Bluff Cove
Wave: Maoli Swell and Freestyle
Board: C-3 (your own or the rezzer provided)

Url to sign up is here:

Happy surfing everyone and good luck at the comp!

December 1, 2017 Director Election Results

Welcome Cierra Theriac, Kris Marley and Solsty Kismet to the SLSA board of directors. Congratsl Also a big thank you to our outgoing directors Maryann Maa, Moira, and Nash Laville. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication!

*Due to the same number of candidates as seats open there was no voting.

Tsunami Beach LSD Comp Season 2 2017

We all met at Solace Dreams home of SLSA to have our last comp of the season on December 16, 2017. Maryann Maa/Tsunami Beach was our title sponsor. The surfers carved up the Moali Monster waves on their LSD surfboards for a fun end to our second season 2017. Congrats to all the winners:

Heat One
Petra Xaris 14.66
Gia Villano 14.08
RichieMarley 13.66
Mick Lunasea 11.75

Heat Two
TeddyBear 15.08
NikNak 11.25
Annie Panties 11.16
Moira 0.00

Heat Three
KrisMarley 16.50
JohnnyWhadd. 13.75
Aquadoc 13.41
Ilaria 0.00

Kris Marley 16.16
TeddyBear 15.50
Johnny WHadd 15.08
Petra Xaris 14.66
Aquadoc 14.00
RIchieMarley 13.91

A big thank you to all our staff who made this comp possible and our Title Sponsor Maryann Maa/Tsunami Beach. Event Coordinator Petra Xaris, Head Judge Cierra Theriac, Judge – Moira, Judge – Mike, Security Officer – Petra Xaris, Marshal Annie Panties andΒ DJ Squirrel aka The Music Man. See you all Next Season 1 2018 for more surfing and fun!

SLSA Champion Season One 2017, Moira

moira 2 copy

Season 1 2017 Champion Moira was inducted into the SLSA Hall of Fame. She arrived on the surfing scene in the summer of 2015 and quickly worked her way up the ranks to reach her dream of being SLSA Season champion. She floats like a butterfly on the waves!