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Call for Candidates SLSA Board of Directors March 1 2017

As per the SLSA Constitution, we will be having a General Election to fill two Board of Director positions. The election is scheduled to be held on March 1st, 2017.

If you would like to help keep your SLSA running, please consider standing for election as an SLSA Director. As with all Director positions, the term duration will be 6 months, in these cases from March 1st 2017 until September 1st, 2017. Applications should be turned in between February 9th – 16th

Read More at the SLSA forum:

Venues Season 1 2017 Announced

It’s a new year 2017 and our 1st season of venues for our competitions has been announced so wax up those surfboards and get ready for a season of fun!

Feb 25th – Bundy Reef – HP5 (Personal or Rezzer) – Maoli 4All – 12pm SLT

March 25th – Solace Dreams – SSi Longboard (TBD) – Sunset Wave

April 22nd – Tsunami @ Solace Dreams – LSD (Rezzer only) – Maoli 100m Freestyle

May 20th – Bluff Cove – C-3 (Personal or Rezzer) – Maoli Freestyle and Swell.

June 24th – T’ai – SSi Shortboard (TBD) – TBD


SLSA Valentine’s Date Auction Feb 11th 5PM SLT

SLSA is holding a Valentine’s date auction to benefit our home sim Solace Dreams. You’re all invited to join in the fun bidding on your favorite guys and gals!   The bidding will run all week long and end during our  Valentine’s Dance Saturday, February 11th at 5PM SLT. So get out your lindens and join in the bidding to win those dates!


End of Season Awards Ceremony Season 2 2016

The beautiful New Brighton sim was the setting for a great evening to celebrate our end of season awards season 2 2016. Curshaw was our master of ceremonies. He kept us all in stitches with his humorous comments while keeping the ceremony flowing without any glitches. DJ Skyrimgeek spun his tunes afterward while we partied.

A big thank you to all involved in planning the awards and to those that presented as well as the recipients and everyone who came out to support our community!

Rookie of the Season
Presenter: Cierra Theriac
Recipient: Kris Marley

Pressenter: Kris Marley
Recipient: Liberty Justice (tonitrue)

Angel Award
Presenter: Maryann Maa
Recipient: Petra Xaris

Most Improved
Presenter: Petra Xaris
Recipient: Aquadoc

Top Ten Surfers:
Presenter: Bobbi Laval
1 Liberty Justice
2 Kris Marley
3 Moira
4 Cierra Theriac
5 Petra Xaris
6 Teddy Bear
7 Aquadoc
8 Stoner130
9 Sage Grantham
10 Slade Mano
10 Bri Graycloud
Top 3 Teams
Presenter: Roxy
Recipients: 1st Tai Chi Zen, 2nd Tsunami, 3rd Surf Crazy

Season and Title Sponsors
Presenter: Annie Panties

Gold Sponsors
SALLY LaSalle of Tai/Chi
DENISE of Maoli Waves & Ramps
VALLY Lavender of Surf Love & Surf Religion

Bronze Sponsors
SHACK Schapira of Shack Surfboards
MICK LUNASEA of Surf Crazy
AQUA DOC of Grand Haven Futuresurf
CIERRA Theriac of Bundy Reef, Bluff Cove and Wave Rider Designs
SALLY LaSalle, Co-Sponsor of Bundy Reef

Title Sponsors
Ophelia (Baylee) Merryman Clioud 9
Sally LaSalle of Tai/Chi
Cierra Theriac of Bundy Reef and Bluff Cove
Vally Lavender of Surf Love & Surf Religion

Staff Recognition
Presenter: Nash Laville
Annie Panties
Baylee Merryman
Bobbi LaSalle
Bri Graycloud
Cierra Theriac
Daphne Yardley
Dax Verlaine
Gia Melody
Mick Lunasea
Nash Laville
Petra Xaris
Sally LaSalle
Shannon Cardalines
Slade Mano (luis025)
Tyler Peace
Vally (valium lavender)

Hall of Fame Inductees
Presenter: Sally LaSalle

Season Champion – Liberty Justice (tonitrue)
Runner up – Kris Marley (krismarley)

HOF chosen by the community for their contribution to Second Life Surfing:

Maryann Maa
Nash Laville

Director By-Election Results Jan 2017

We had one nomination, Moira (venera74), for the January By-Election. The BoD welcomes Moira as our newest director to join our team. Her position is Sim Officer for our home sim Solace Dreams and she has already gotten off to a great start.

Again, we’d like to thank Shannon Cardalines for her willingness to serve and the door is always welcome to her in the future should she have the time and like to return.

Call for venues 2017 Season 1

If you would like to host one of our comps  during Season 1 2017 Feb – June please fill out the application at the following url:

Applications should be submitted by the 21st of January. Thank you!

Call for candidates SLSA Board of Directors By-Election

A call for candidates was put out for a by-election to fill one director position. Due to unforeseen personal reasons Shannon Cardalines has decided to resign and is giving the opportunity for someone else to fill her position for the remainder of her 6 month term (4.5 months) until May 30th 2017. We would like to thank Shannon for  her dedication and generous service to our community and wish her all the best!


Surf Religion SSi Longboard Pro Results

The setting for SLSA’s last comp of the season was Vallium Lavender’s beautiful Surf Religion sim. It was an epic day as pro surfers took to the Jaws waves carving them in style with their SSi longboards. Congratulations to our winners and all who participated adding to a day of fun!
Heat One
Cierra Theriac 15.08
venera74 Resident 14.83
jadeeast Resident 12.33
Mick Lunasea 10.00
Bri Graycloud 0.00

Heat Two
Bobbi Laval 16.41
Petra Xaris 13.41
atlasshrugged3 12.91
Nicollebaby 12.25
Stoner130 11.91

Heat Three
tonitrue Resident 15.08
KrisMarley Residen 13.83
Aquadoc Resident 13.33
Sage Grantham 12.75
MissyLovesu Reside 11.75
Semi One
Cierra Theriac 15.25
KrisMarley 13.75
Bobbi Lasalle 13.25
Aquadoc 12.75

Semi Two
Moira 14.66
Liberty Justice 13.41
Petra Xaris 13.16
TeddyBear 12.25

Bobbi LaSalle 15.58
Liberty Justice 15.08
KrisMarley 14.91
Cierra Theriac 14.66
Moira 14.41
Petra Xaris 14.25

A big thank you to all the staff that made this competition possible. Sim owner Valium Lavender, EC – Petra Xaris, Kris Marley, Nash Laville, Head judge – Sally LaSalle, Judge – Slade, Judge – Nico, Judge – Neptune, Marshal – Roxy, Security – Nash Laville, and DJ – Reign. See you all next season!