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Dec 8 2016 Director Run-Off Election Results

The results for our December 8th run-off election are in. The SLSA Board of Directors would like to welcome our winner Kris Marley. We look forward to working with you! Thanks to both Sage Grantham and Moira (venera74) for having the generosity to step up and run to serve our community.

Again a big thank you to our outgoing Directors Cierra Theriac, Vally (Valium Lavender), and Roxy (roxyangel007) for their dedication, hard work and service!

Board of Director Election December 8, 2016

Due to a three way tie for the 3rd seat in our December 1st election, we are having a run-off election to decide the winner. Please remember to come on out to vote again to make your choice of the following candidates:

Kris Marely
Sage Grantham

Candidate Statements:
Eligible Voter List:

SLSA Fun Comp/Party Fundraiser 10/11/16

We’ll be holding a fun comp on Sunday December 11th 5pm SLT with a party/fundraiser after. Everyone is welcome to join us!

Sim: Solace Dreams
Time: 5PM SLT
Wave: Maoli Tahiti
Board: Surfers choice – any board you like!

If you’d like to surf in the comp please send a Note Card to Petra Xaris by Friday December 9th. If you forget to sign up and remember before the comp happens, shoot Petra an IM and we’ll try to fit you in if possible. Limit 25 surfers!

December 1st 2016 Director Election Results

We had a good turn out for our December 1st Elections and a surprise twist where we had a 3 way tie for the 3rd director seat. Congratulations to Shannon Cardalines with 17 votes, Liberty Justice (tonitrue) with 13 votes. Moira (venera74), KrisMarley, and Sage Grentham) all tied with 10 votes each. We will hold a run-off election to decide the winner of the tie this week. Stay tuned…

The SLSA family would like to give a very big thank you to our outgoing directors Cierra Theriac, Vally (Valium Lavender) and Roxy (roxyangel007) for their hard work and dedicated service to our organization. Thank you all so very much!

What’s New for Season 1 2017

The Board of Directors (and members) have proposed and approved several items to streamline our SLSA experiences and competitions. Read more about these changes under Announcements at the SLSA forum. Thank you!

October 2016 By-Election Results

Roxy (roxyangel007) was the winner of our October By-Election 2016. Congrats Roxy! We’d like to give a big thank you to Sage Grantham for his willingness to serve. And so much gratitude and thanks to Gia Melody our outgoing director who has given so much to SLSA over the years. Thank you Gia!

December 1st 2016 Director Elections

The SLSA is holding a general election on December 1, 2016 to fill 3 director seats. Please read more about your candidates Liberty Justice, Moira, KrisMarley, Sage Grantham, and Shannon Cardalines, at the SLSA forum at this page .  Good luck to all our candidates and members this will be a close election remember to vote please!

November 2016 Director By-Election

SLSA welcomes back Petra Xaris as the winner of the November By-Election to replace outgoing director Baylee Merryman who we thank for her dedication and service!