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Bluff Cove C-3 Pro Registration open!

Registration for the Bluff Cove pro is now open, follow the link to the forum to register to surf.


Dates: May 19th 11:00 AM SLT
Venue: Bluff Cove
LM: … 102/173/22
Wave: Freestyle/Swell
Board: C-3 personal or rezzer


Click me to register

Fairhaven SSI Longboard Pro results!

1st – Kris Marley 18.33
2nd – Bodhi Lowtide 17.58
3rd – Moira 15.50
4th – Johnny Whadd 15.33
5th – Teddy Bear 15.00
6th – Petra Xaris 13.00

Heat 1
RED 13.00000 RichieMarley
BLUE 12.50000 Kristen Starquill
GREEN 15.83333 Johnny Whadd
ORANGE 11.75000 Aquadoc

Heat 2
RED. 15.41667 Moira
BLUE. 15.50000 Teddy Bear
GREEN. 12.91667 Jus Strat
ORANGE 0.000000 Shi Carter
PURPLE. 12.75000 Moonie Kismit

Heat 3
RED. 13.66667 DonGood
BLUE. 0.000000 Surfer
GREEN 10.58333 Mick Lunasea
ORANGE 14.58333 Gia Triton

Heat 4
RED. 16.50000 Bodhi Lowtide
BLUE 14.00000 Celestrii
GREEN. 0.000000 Iliaria
ORANGE 17.91667 Kris Marley

7th Gia Triton. 14.58
8th Celestrii. 14.00
9th DonGood. 13.67
10th RichieMarley 13.00
11th Jus Strat 12.92
12th Moonie Kismit. 12.75
13th Kristen Starquill. 12.50
14th Aquadoc. 11.75
15th Mick Lunasea. 10.58
16th Surfer 0.00
16th Iliaria. 0.00
16th Shi Carter 0.00


Head Judge – Cierra Theriac
Judge 1 – Bunni Kismet
Judge 2 – Mike Zephyr

Marshal – Kris Marley

EC – Gia Villano/Richie Marley

Sign up for the Fairhaven SSI Pro!

Registration is now open for the Fairhaven SSi Longboard Pro competition taking place on April 28th at 13:00 SLT. Registration can be completed by following the link below, any issues or questions contact one of the Directors.


Sign up here!

T’ai LSD Pro Results!

Heat 1

Johnny Whadd 13.91
Petra Xaris 13.75
Bodhi Lowtide 13.58
Jus Strat 13.58
Gia Villano 13.16

Heat 2

Richie Marley Di Vaio 13.66
Teddy Bear 13.16
Curshaw 7.67
Follo 8.83

Heat 3

Dongood 13.33
Kristen 13.33
Moonie Kismet 11.25
Mick Lunasea 10.00

Heat 4

Kris Marley 15.08
Moira 13.41
Aquadoc 11.91
Celestrii 11.58
iLaria 9.33



1st – Kris Marley 16.58
2nd – Johnny Whadd 15.08
3rd – Richie Marley 14.58
4th – Petra Xaris 14.25
5th – Bodhi Lowtide 14.00
5th – Jus Strat 14.00


Head Judge – Sally LaSalle
Judge – Cierra Theriac
Judge – Neptune

Marshall – Roxy

EC – Gia Villano/ Richie Marley Di Vaio


Surfcrazy HP5 Results!

Heat 1
lariamonzon – 2.42
Richie Marley Di Vaio  – 14.58
Shi Carter  – 13.33
Bunni Tiponi  – DNC
Kristen  – 15.00

Heat 2
Aquadoc Resident  – 12.75
Annie Panties  – 11.33
JohnnyWhadd – 14.75
Gia Villano – 12.33
Curshaw MacTagairt  – 4.00

Heat 3
atlashrugged3 Resident – 13.58
Moira – 15.41
Bodhi Lowtide – 16.75
NIk Nak – 1.75

Heat 4
Moonie Kismet – 11.83
Jus Strat – 12.91
Petra Xaris – 13.00
Andin Kismet – 14.00

Heat 5
Frankie Edon – 15.16
Kris Marley – 16.41
Cierra Theriac – 15.25


JohnnyWhadd Resident – 15.83

Kris Marley – 15.75

Cierra Theriac – 15.50

Bodhi Lowtide – 15.41

Frankie Edon – 15.25

Kristen – 14.75

Moira – 14.41


HJ – Neptune

J – Mikey

J – Mick Lunasea

Marshal – Roxy

EC – Gia/Kris

Meet your new Directors! March 1st 2018

The SLSA is delighted to welcome our 2 new directors, giavannamarie.melody and RichieMarley, as only 2 people stood for the 2 available positions no vote will be required as stated in the SLSA constitution. Cheers for stepping up guys, its gonna be a blast! You can read both candidates statements below.

A huge thank you to both Annie and Petra for their amazing commitment to SLSA, you guys have earned a well deserved rest, cheers guys! In the event that the number of eligible candidates be equal to the number of open directors’ seats; a vote will be bypassed and the eligible candidates be confirmed as new members of the Board of Directors by auto election.


-Name: richiemarley resident.

-I am able and willing to serve my full 6 month term (sometimes i can get a bit busy for some days because of my rl job).

-No team affiliations.

-No product or sim ownership (i make shapes and sell them but nothing to do with surfing).

-About my background i have been surfing for couple of months in sl, however i had practiced a long time ago. I love the surfing experience in sl because i feel like it fills those days when i can’t surf in rl, plus the community around is really nice and i guess those are the main aspects that bring me into surfing here: the passion for surf and people.
I work as marketer and event manager in rl and i also have experience with social networks as a channel of communication.
In sl, together with my best friend, we used to run some parties with dj’s in our old club.

-My vision to SLSA is helping giving the best virtual surfing experience to the surf community already existing in sl and to new people who wanna try this sport. Basically is helping doing the work done so far and the one to be done, always with the goal of development.
Helping manage and prepare the comps, making events, getting people inspired and motivated, developing the promotion near social networks, and so on.

Thank you!


I Gia Villano would like to run for the open director position within the SLSA. I am willing to serve the full term. I was previously the Co Captain of Reef Riders and now a current surfer for Tai Chi surf team.

I have been a member of the SLSA since 2009 and previously served 6 terms as a director. I believe that I can be an asset to the current board. I have been a part of this organization since 2009 and it has become my passion to serve and help the growth of surfing in SL. My past goals as a SLSA director was to find new sponsors, setup surf events, as well as vote on numerous proposals to help further the growth of the SLSA. One area that I would like to continue to improve is growing our pool of Judges.

My hopes going forward would still be the same. To find new and innovative ways to grow our great organization. I love working with everyone and look have a great work ethic to bring to the table.

~GIa Villano

Sign up for the Surfcrazy HP5 Pro!


Hey Surfers! Its the first competition of the season! To Register click the link at the bottom and follow the format! It is free to register and all boards and clothing will be provided for you. A special thank you to our Title Sponsor, Team Surf Crazy! This competition will test your abilities on the HP5 Board with the Tahiti Wave! The Competition begins at 11am SLT this Saturday, February 17, 2018! See you all there! Contact a director for assistance!

Click here to sign up!