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SLSA Surfing Home Beach Solace Dreams


New SLSA home

Why? Because it’s a great opportunity!

1. Surfing events will be advertised to the community of over 6000 people community
2. SLSA events will also be placed on notice boards throughout the estate
3. Sim is placed next to the hub of the estate
4. The sims surrounding the new Sim have a beach and coastal resort theme, and will blend naturally and seamlessly with the SLSA sim
5. SLSA officials and managers will have management rights to a parcel on the adjacent full sim, that will be used for our events and rezzing spectator stands etc.

The change will be made without any additional cost for the SLSA. We will also continue to pay exactly the same low cost for the sim as we have been paying so far.

SLURL for the sim: (please note, the sim is currently work in progress)


What is the reason for this move right now?
The directors are taking proactive measures, to address some of the major concerns of the SLSA members, namely taking measures to improve membership and competition participation. Access to a large vibrant community provides an opportunity to do this in a mutually beneficial partnership.

So is this sim going to impact existing and future surf sims?
One of the primary missions for this sim, is to act as a hub, an information center, that can independently direct surfers to other surfing facilities within SL, the SLSA remains committed to spreading the word about surf sims to all its members. In addition, the more active members we have, the more visits each of the surf sims can expect.

Will Members be able to rez there?
Yes, the SLSA members will be able to rez anywhere on the sim. Designated builders within the group, will manage the facilities and will return stray prims on a regular schedule. Thanks to such solution, the SLSA members will have a far greater sense of ownership and benefit from this asset that we all help to pay for. This will be a sim that all members can fully use and enjoy.

What happens to Archipelago our current sim?
Archipelago will be turned back over to its owner. We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank the owner for their generous hosting of the SLSA over the past two years, we wish them very much the best for the future.

SLSA Directors Election Re-Vote June 22, 2011

Voting for the 3 open seats of the Board of Directors will officially open at 23:59 SLT on June 21th and will continue thru 00:01 June 23th.

Candidates running are Imzadi Amateras, Jac Mornington, Maldrul Morris and GiavannaMarie Melody. The voting box will be located in the HoF foyer on the SLSA Home sim.

If you have any questions or issues, please contact a member of the Board.

March 1, 2011 SLSA Director Election Results Announced

From Abel Halderman:

On behalf of the election committee: CoolKat Delicioso, GiavannaMarie Melody, WickedV Carver, Cierra Theriac and myself, I am happy to announce results of the SL Surfing Association March 1st 2011 election.

There were two candidates for two open spots on the SLSA Board of Directors.

The results are:

Kantbe Thursday: 19 votes
VW Sands: 19 votes


Thank you everyone for participating in the voting.

SLSA Town Meeting Minutes Posted

Minutes for SLSA Town Meeting, September 24, 2010

The meeting was hosted at Archipelago by SLSA Directors Abel Halderman and Kantbe Thursday. The two hour meeting was attended by 19 SLSA members at various times. After initial welcomes, the meeting proceeded as follows:

Change in Competition Names

There was considerable discussion regarding the name change. The primary reason for the chance from “Pro/Invitational” was to help with the perception that SLSA competitions are open to all members, and that entry into the second round is based upon previous surfer performance, not just receiving an invitation. The use of “Open” for the first round was generally agreed upon. Several alternatives were discussed for the second round, however. Some suggestions were “Classic”, “Championship”, and others. The general consensus ended up supporting the change to “Open/Pro”

Moving the second round of the Monkey Cove competition to Mori

It was unanimously agreed that making this move as a tribute and memorial to Mori Pwani was a good idea. This idea was actually proposed by Syx Toshi. It was suggested by members present that Syx be offered the first option as being the site for the last comp of the season since he gave up his spot as the venue for the second round in this series. This was also agreed to unanimously. The Board will extend this offer to Syx before the last competition venue is selected.

The Archipelago Agreement

In summary, the Board decided the membership had indicated the sim was desirable based upon the member survey. A number of activities were also identified in that survey. The Board, however, felt that the sim should be self sufficient rather than being subsidized by the SLSA’s general funds. As a result, this new agreement is intended to set guidelines upon the amount of Archipelago specific funds must be in place, when sufficient funds must be available, and define a limit upon how much funding from the general fund will be allowed. The agreement can be reviewed in it’s entirety at:


A question was raised if the SLSA really needs the sim. The response was the member survey responses indicated that it was desirable, so the Board is trying to figure out how to fund and keep it. Concern was raised about continuing to fund it. This is very much a concern, and this issue is addressed somewhat in the next agenda item. It was stated that only the members can keep the sim alive; if the membership wants it, they’ll have to show it through their L$.

A question was raised regarding the sim tier cost and the current sim fund balance. The sim tier is 25,000L$ and is due on the 16th of every month. At the time of the town meeting, the sim balance was about 40,000L$.

The related survey results can be viewed at:


Archipelago Fund Raising Team

A related topic is the new fund raising team set up by the board to help plan activities and generate funds to support the sim.

MaryAnn Maa and followingwaves Sirbu have agreed to head up this effort. MaryAnn has already done one ad hoc fund raiser and is presently conducting the fund raiser of a Bachelor/Bachelorette Auction. Many other events are being discussed, including some that are listed below as a different agenda item. If you have any suggestions for activities, please contact MaryAnn or folio.

Sim specific donation bins have also be set out on the beach at Archipelago.

Also, to prevent mingling of sim specific funds with the general fund, Salsa Waverider will be the “banker” for the Archipelago account.

Modification of SLSA sponsorship plans

Sponsorship plans were expanded to provide sponsors more options to participate. With the new spectator stands, there are also more ad placement opportunities for the number of sponsors and for placements of each sponsor. Discounts were expanded for those sponsors who choose to sign up for multiple events.

A question was raised about the names of sponsors appearing in the event name. That is available as one of the options extended to the Title sponsor of an event.

The new plans can be viewed on the forum at:


Basic financial report

At the time of the meeting, we have or are expecting the following funds from sponsorships:

Title – 37,500L$
Gold – 123,600L$
Silver – 25,200L$
Bronze – 34,000L$

for a seasonal sponsorship income of about 220,000L$ expected.

The question was raised as to whom is the current SLSA Financial Officer. It’s Countess Decosta. A list of SLSA officers can be found on the SLSA web site at:

Events/actions planned by the board

Mick Lunasea will begin a series of competition orientation sessions at Archipelago to help new surfers learn what to expect at their first competition. The first class will be held at Archipelago on Wednesday September 29th at Noon SLT. Classes are expect to last about 1.5 hours.

Abel Halderman will be conducting judges and marshals classes at Archipelago. Please contact Abel directly if you are interested.

The next competition will be held as planned at Bundoran Reef with the Open competition on October 16th and the Pro the following weekend on the 23rd. By the time of posting of these minutes, the competition wave set up should be completed.

The sim
Mary announced at the meeting that she will be planning a pre-comp party at Archipelago/St. James on October 15th. Watch your notices for more specifics.

The Bachelor/Bachelorette Date Auction is under way with bids closing on September 29th at Midnight SLT.

Discussions regarding a Halloween Party have already begun. Contact Mary if you’d like to participate or have ideas.

In general, if you have ideas for activities, get in touch with MaryAnn and follo.

Open for Discussion – Other Business

There was no further discussion

Minutes prepared by Kantbe Thursday


Today, March 1st, is a board election day. There are 2 seats open, and 4 candidates. You may read more about them on the forums. You are eligible to vote in this election if you have competed or volunteered in at least 1 of the last surf events (note: each location counts as one event. ie. Mori Pwani Pro & Mori Pwani Invitational are one event, not two.) or are in the Hall of Fame. Please cast your vote for no more, or no less than 2 of the candidates by writing your name and their name on a notecard and sending it to all of the following: Abel Halderman, Ashleigh Dickins, GiavannaMarie Melody, Sally LaSalle & VW Sands (chosen to replace current director and candidate Desirae on the panel.)

See the in-world group notices for more detailed instructions.

Sponsorship Tier Updates

You may have seen the notecard in-world, but it is also available here, on the website, under Sponsor Services!  That’s right, the new fees tier is up and at ’em here on the web.  Please check it out and contact a director if you wish to become a sponsor.  As soon as we have our Season One Sponsors lined up we’ll be putting them up on that same page! So keep checking in on us!

Sponsor Services Page

2010 Season 1 Fixtures & Survey

The SLSA 2010 Season 1 fixture dates and locations have been announced and are as follows:

Mori Pwani
February 13th – Pro
epic, longboard
February 20th – Invitational
epic, longboard

Bundoran WOI (Pipes & Fluffs)
March 20 – Pro
March 27 – Invitational

Monkey Cove (Sunset 200)
April 10 – Pro
April 17 – Invitational

Southend/Stables (Fluffy only)
May 15 – Pro
May 22 – Invitational

Archipelago (Montego Title)(multiple waves)
June 12 – Pro
June 19 – Invitational

The board type for the last 4 comps will be announced soon

For Updates and Registration News Please Visit the SLSA Forum at:

Registration for Mori opens on Sunday Feb. 7th, noon SLT

Also the 2010 survey results are in! Read them on the forum.