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2018 Season 2 Bluff Cove C-3 Pro Results

1st- Kris Marley – 17.75
2nd – Bodhi Lowtide – 16.91
3rd – Richie Marley Di Vaio – 16.75
4th – Gia Villano – 16.50
5th – Kristen – 16.41
6th – Teddy Bear – 16.00
7th – Craig Stallion – 15.83
8th – Andin Kismet – 15.00
9th – Ava Kismet – 14.42
10th – Petra Xaris – 14.25
11th – Ilari – 14.16
12th – Cierra Theriac – 13.75
13th – Shiney – 12.92
14th – Celestrii – 12.83
15th – Aquadoc – 12.75
16th – Syykyr – 12.58
17th – Moon Dog – 10.83
18th – Dongood – 9.92
19th – Annie Panties – 9.42
20th – Curshaw MacTagairt – 8.33
21st – Mick Lunasea – 8.25

HJ – Mike Zeref Zephyr
J1 – Solsty Kismet
J2 – Zelda Zimberman

M- GIa Villano

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Bluff Cove C-3 Pro Results May 20th

The picturesque setting of Bluff Cove owned by Cierra Theriac was the location of our 4th comp of the season. Surfers rode their C-3 surfboards on the Moali Freestyle and Swell waves. They carved it up while exhibiting awesome moves that kept the crowd entertained. Congrats to all who participated and our finalists!

Heat 1
Jeavin (RED) 14.33
Maryann Maa (ORANGE) 10.00
KeiReavin (PURPLE) 7.83

Heat Two
Follo (RED) 8.25
Moira (BLUE) 17.00
Mick Lunasea (GREEN) 9.58
Teddy Bear (ORANGE) 12.41

Heat 3
Nik Nak (RED) 12.25
Aquadoc (BLUE) 12.58
Cierra Theriac (GREEN) 13.91
Kris Marley (ORANGE) 15.00

Final Heat 4
Moira (RED) 16.25
Kris Marley (BLUE) 15.75
Teddy Bear (BLACK) 15.00
Jeavin (ORANGE) 14.416
Aquadoc (PURPLE) 14.166
Cierra Theriac (GREEN) 13.75

Special thanks to all our staff who helped make this comp possible, Title sponsor Cierra Theriac, Head judge Annie Panties (JadeEast), Judge – Petra Xaris, Judge – Zelda Zimberman, Marshals Maryann Maa and Cierra Theriac, Event Coordinators Moira (venera74) and Gia Melody, Security Officer – Cierra Theriac, and DJ Tiny.Thanks also to our rashie and trophie makers – Gia Melody and Moira. See you all in June at Tai for our 10th year anniversary competition SSi shortboard on Pipeline Lite waves!

Tyler Peace Inducted into SLSA Hall of Fame S1 2016

Tyler Peace SLSA HOF Inductee

He’s that guy you saw surfing on the waves for weeks before each competition honing his skills and awesome style. He’s one of the coolest SLSA members you’ll ever meet! Congrats Tyler – from the whole SLSA family!

Photo credit: Solsty Kismet

2016 Season 1 Champ – Tyler Peace!

Tyler Peace

Tyler surfed his way into the SLSA Hall of Fame carving those waves in epic style!

Photo Credit: Solsty Kismet

2014 Season 2 & 2015 Season 1 Champ – Neptune !


2014 Season 2 & 2015 Season 1 SLSA Champion Neptune in action.
Nep took out back to back wins in the last two competitions to take out the season.

photo credit: JT Castanea

Island Sea Dreams Open Comp 9/14/2013

As we kicked off our 2nd comp of Season 2 2013, fifty SLSA surfers entered the Island Sea Dreams HP5 comp. We have not had this kind of participation in years!

In the Open held Saturday September 14, 2013, thirty out of the fifty were scheduled to surf, 23 of which did. It seems as though more and more are finding surfing in SL and discovering it’s a very fun and exciting sport to be a part of. We had a great turn out in the grandstands as well, numerous spectators cheering on the surfers as they carved the Maoli waves in this outstanding surfing event.

Congratulations to all of our surfers!
Here are the top five winners from the Open:

1-JohnnyWhadd 14.00
2-Harbor Piers 13.00
3-Sarah Pevensey 12.83
4-Rose Morgan 12.33
4-RomanDevereaux 12.33

And here are the remaining 6 surfers which will be moving on to the Pro as well:

Michael Romani 13.66
Dax Kona 13.33
TawnieLee Rotaru 13.00
agent Bart 13.00
Pinkkoala 12.50
Kristen 12.50

On behalf of SLSA family and myself, Petra Xaris – EC, I’d like to send out a big thank you to all the staff members which helped to make this competition possible: Head Judge-Wil DeCuir, Judge-Alvaro Pervensey, Judge-Willowwynn (her first time judging congrats on a job well done, Willow!) Marshall-Monq Pinklady, Security-Countess Decosta, DJ-Pronvelle Cristole, MC-Dax Kona. Special thanks to Countess Decosta for being Title Sponsor and holding this event at her beautiful sim Island Sea Dreams!

Please join us on September 21st 11AM SLT, as the surfing continues…Our top eleven winners from the Open will join up with twenty Pro surfers at the Island Sea Dreams HP5 Pro Comp which proves to be a spectacular surfing event. Here is your limo :

Registration Now Open–Carpe Diem/Barton Springs Series

The 2012 Season 2 competition schedule kicks off on August 18 with the Open at Carpe Diem/Barton Springs. The Pro event will be held August 25.

All details can be found in the Forums under Competition Registration. Let’s get this season started off right with a huge turnout for both surfers and spectators alike.

Announcing 2012 Season 2 Schedule. New Venues and Waves to Surf!

The SLSA happily announces the 2012 Season 2 schedule, with three new venues hosting events: Carpe Diem/Barton Springs (August), Asylum Break (October) and Cape Marina (December).

This will be the first season where a Mesh wave will be used in SLSA competition. Other new waves to the SLSA competition schedule are the Nalu and the HP Jaws.

In addition to the new venues, the SLSA will return to Tsunami Beach in September for the first time since its rebirth, and rounds out with the traditional Fluffy comp at Chi in November.

Dates for the season’s competitions can be found in the Forums under 2012 Season 2 Fixtures. We hope to see you there, either surfing or watching!