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Registration Now Open–Carpe Diem/Barton Springs Series

The 2012 Season 2 competition schedule kicks off on August 18 with the Open at Carpe Diem/Barton Springs. The Pro event will be held August 25.

All details can be found in the Forums under Competition Registration. Let’s get this season started off right with a huge turnout for both surfers and spectators alike.

Announcing 2012 Season 2 Schedule. New Venues and Waves to Surf!

The SLSA happily announces the 2012 Season 2 schedule, with three new venues hosting events: Carpe Diem/Barton Springs (August), Asylum Break (October) and Cape Marina (December).

This will be the first season where a Mesh wave will be used in SLSA competition. Other new waves to the SLSA competition schedule are the Nalu and the HP Jaws.

In addition to the new venues, the SLSA will return to Tsunami Beach in September for the first time since its rebirth, and rounds out with the traditional Fluffy comp at Chi in November.

Dates for the season’s competitions can be found in the Forums under 2012 Season 2 Fixtures. We hope to see you there, either surfing or watching!

Season 10 Series 2 Monkey Cove Open RESULTS

Robbin Ember (RED) 14.00000 *
Lourinho Nizna (BLUE) NS
Lanky Silvercloud (GREEN) NS
sven Homewood (ORANGE) 12.50000 *
NeVenJr Resident (PURPLE) 10.66667

Dixson Martian (RED) 12.00000 *
jayden Domenici (BLUE) NS
bullet Admiral (GREEN) 10.00000
Harbor Piers (ORANGE) 12.83333 *
Rick Galli (PURPLE) 10.33333

Melian Catronis (RED) 9.000000
Mick Lunasea (BLUE) NS
Twixt Mode (GREEN) NS
Toungemy Badger (ORANGE) 13.50000 *
Jordan Mendle (PURPLE) 14.50000 *

Curshaw Resident (RED) 6.833333
Van Valeeva (BLUE) NS
sweetrage4chu jinx (GREEN) 7.166667
Jen Gustafson (ORANGE) 9.666667 *
Trista Potez (PURPLE) 8.666667 *

Sally LaSalle (RED) 14.50000 *
Xander Datura (BLUE) 10.83333
Damiana Babcock (GREEN) 14.50000 *
Katey Spiritweaver (ORANGE) NS
Lourinho Nizna 11.00000

Mini finals
Robbin Ember (RED) 12.16667
Harbor Piers (BLUE) 13.83333
Jordan Mendle (GREEN) 13.50000
Jen Gustafson (ORANGE) 11.83333
Sally LaSalle (PURPLE) 15.00000
Damiana Babcock (BLACK) 14.66667

* = Advancing to Monkey Cove Pro

Standby list (in order of highest scores NOT automatically advancing)

Lourinho Nizna
Xander Datura
NeVenJr Resident
Rick Galli
bullet Admiral
Melian Catronis
sweetrage4chu jinx
Curshaw Resident

Solace Dreams party, celebration and fundraiser!

On Saturday, January 14, 2012 the SL Surfing Association will be holding a surf event at Solace Beach and Solace Dreams. It is not only a fundraiser for Solace Dreams, but also a party, and a celebration of all January birthdays and rezdays, a celebration of life in general ;-), with multiple raffle boards and awesome prizes, and a mini-competition.

Where: Party on Solace Beach, surfing on Solace Dreams

The mini-comp will be a SSI board of choice on Solace Dreams. The waves are already set up if you wish to check them out. 🙂  There is a limit to 15 surfers so sign up early. If you wish to surf contact Sunrize Mornington – first come – first serve.  Trophies and special prizes will be handed to the top three surfers.

Party site at Solace Beach:

Mini-competition at Solace Dreams:


We also need volunteers for this event. This is a good way for new judges to get in some practice before next season.


Join us on Saturday, January 7, and lets celebrate!

2011 SLSA Season 2 Ceremony and Awards

On Saturday, January 7 2012 at 11am SLT at Solace Beach the SL Surfing Association will hold the Season 2 2011 Ceremony.

The event will include introduction of the season top 10 surfers, top 3 teams, special awards winners, Angel Award and Sportsmanship Award winners as well as introduction of the new SLSA Hall of Fame members.

Four of the awards to be handed at the ceremony must yet to be voted by the SLSA members. If you wish to submit your vote in the awards survey, please visit

It’s a celebration! It’s a mini comp! It’s a raffle!

When: December 12, 2011 12pm (noon) till 4pm SLT
Where: Party on James Isle, surfing on Archipelago
It’s a fundraiser for Archipelago and a celebration of all December birthdays and rezdays.

We will be having a mini comp. The mini comp will be a SSI board of choice on Archi. The waves are already set up if you wish to check them out. There is a limit to 15 surfers so sign up early. If you wish to surf Contact Sunrize Mornington by midnight slt December 11, first come first serve! Trophies for the top 3 surfers. WE ALSO NEED 3 VOLUNTEER JUDGES FOR THE EVENT. This is a good way for new judges to get in some practice before next season!

Maldrul Morris has kindly donated his time to rock us as our DJ. Be sure to hit him up for a request.
There is also going to be several items we are raffling off on raffle boards.

Bundoran farewell


On Saturday, December 10 at 11am SLT the SLSA will be having the last competition at Bundoran Reef before its departure. Thirty surfers have registered for the contest and the Open and Pro events have been combined. We’re expecting some of the best surfing actions on the rocky wave setup at Bundy! Come root for your friends and favorite surfers at 11am SLT on Saturday. See you in the spectator stands!

Bundoran Reef Pro Registration Reopened


As a gesture of inclusion, flexibility and holiday spirit, registration for the Bundoran Reef Pro has been reopened for the next 7 registrants or Wednesday, December 7th at midnight SLT, whichever comes first.