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Meet Your Candidates

The Board is pleased to announce we have three candidates for the upcoming December 1st Directors election. Meet your candidates Coolkat Delicioso, Robbin Ember, and GiavannaMarie Melody. Their application notes are provided below:

I Coolkat Delicioso, wish to apply as a candidate for the forthcoming election. I currently surf for team vibrations,and have no product or sim affiliation. I am more than willing to serve a full term, and I am able to serve the SLSA with total commitment. I could waffle on about my experience surfing and the competitions I have attended, but seeing as you all know me anyway, you know that I am a dedicated and competitive surfer, an SLSA Judge and live my sl for surfing. I now feel its time for me to give something back to the sport , that has given me so much. There is nothing more in this sl, that I would love to do more, than to be part of the board. I see the SLSA blossoming now, and would be proud to be given the chance, to serve my fellow surfers in whatever way I can, and to keep it moving forward in this way.

To the SLSA board of directors, I, Robbin Ember, would like to run for one of the open positions on the board in the next election. I hereby state that, if elected, I will serve the entire six month term and commit my time and efforts to the task(s) at hand. By way of affiliation(s), I am very lucky and proud to surf for Team Montego, alongside my close friends, Sunrize Mornington, Maldrul Morris and Bodhi Lowtide. Further in the interest of complete disclosure, we are indirectly associated with Tsunami Beach, in that we are very fortunate to have a team home there. I am not a technically gifted person, nor the brightest mind, but I have served on the board before and I have a good sense of what it takes to make the organization work. Most importantly, I believe that I have an open ear and the best interests of the individual person in mind. Because, in my view, the organization is nothing more than the individual. In closing this brief note, thanks to all of the current board members for their time and efforts on behalf of all of the members. Take care, Robbin Ember.

I GiavannaMarie Melody would like to run for director of the SLSA. I am willing to serve the full term. I was a past director that feels can be an asset to the current board. I am a member of Reef Riders and was a co captain of the team. I have competed in SLSA events for the past 2 years.

Rankings after 2010 Season 2 Chi 4th Anniversary Competition

It’s been an exciting surfing season with lots of new surfers on the scene.  Check out the individual and team rankings going into the last competition of the season this December at Monkey Cove.  Great job surfers!!!

2010 Season 2 Rankings after Chi

2010 Season 2 after Chi Team Rankings

SLSA Director Call for Candidates

Three seats will be open for the December 1st SLSA Board of Directors elections. Applications must be submitted between November 10th and November 17th.  Please read the following relevant extract from our Constitution regarding the application requirements and process:
2.2. SLSA Director Eligibility
Any individual who is a current member of SLSA and who is an eligible voter is eligible to hold
office as a Director of the SLSA Board, within the following rule(s):
2.2.1. Not more than two (2) representatives from the same surf team (as defined in section 1.5.8 ) the same surf product vendor company (product developers, not affiliate sellers) the same surf sim(s) ownership group (sim owners, not sim renters)
 shall be Directors of the SLSA Board at any single time.
Candidates will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis for this election condition. (e.g
Continuing Director A is Surf Team X, Candidate B and Candidate C are also Surf Team X, then
Candidate B would be accepted as a nominee if their application was received first, Candidate
C’s nomination would not be accepted) A current SLSA member who is not an eligible voter may petition the board for the
privilege of running for a Director seat. Their petition must state why their candidacy would be a
benefit to the SLSA. If the board unanimously agrees that it is in the best interest of the SLSA
the eligible voter requirement may be waived. This will be on a case-by-case basis and does not
 imply an endorsement of the particular candidate.
2.2.2. General Election Candidates shall apply in writing to all members of the standing board of
directors (via note-card, IM’s are not admissible) not more than 21 days and not less than 14
days prior to an election. Candidate Applications must state their willingness and ability to serve
their full 6 month term and must also state any team, product or Sim affiliations as defined in through
Standing board members are Abel Halderman,  Mick Lunasea, Harbor Piers, Kantbe Thursday, and Syx Toshi

Chi’s 4th Birthday Comp :)

On November 6th and 13th, the SLSA will be holding its 4th series of the season at the oldest competitive surf sim CHI.

This will be the 5th official surf event to be held at Chi, the cradle of competitive surfing in SL.

Come out Come out wherever you are and watch the surfers battle with the tricky fluffy break on their long boards.

Sure to cause much fun and furious competition!! 🙂

SLSA Surf Comp 101

SLSA’s Surfing Competition 101
Wednesday, November 3, 2010 4PM SLT, Archipelago
This class is intended to help understand what will take place before and during an SLSA surfing competition. Topics to be covered will include:
How to determine locations and times of competitions
How to register for a competition
How to prepare
How rides are judged
What to expect during the competition
Duration: 1.5 hours
Instructor: Mick Lunasea
Location: SLSA’s Archipelago sim
If you find the class of value with other activities on Archipelago, please consider contributing to the sim donation bins on the beach if you can.

SLSA Competition Surfing Mastering Class

The next SLSA series is coming up. If you’re competing for the first time or would like to improve your surfing skills, the SLSA is offering you the Competition Surfing Mastering Classes. The first advanced level class is scheduled for Thursday, November 4th, 12 noon SLT.

Level: Advanced

Duration: 2 hours

When: Thursday, November 4th, 12 noon SLT

Where: Archipelago

Number of attendents: maximum 3 (in order to keep efficiency of the class)

Instructor: Abel Halderman


– event organization short reminder

– event day rulings

– mental preparation before competition

– advanced surf moves & tricks

– mini-competition with scored rides