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SLSA 2011 Season 1 Awards Ceremony

SLSA 2011 Season 1 Awards Ceremony

When: July 9, 2011; Noon SLT
Where: Archipelago/James Isle

Be prepared for a fun time and have all your jokes about prepared. The “L” in SL is for Lag, right?

Spectator seating will be mostly in James Isle. Presentations will be on the stage in Archipelago.

SLSA June 22, 2011 Director Elections Results

The June 22, 2011 election results are ratified and final. The 25 voter tallies broke down to the following:

GiavannaMarie Melody : 21
Imzadi Amaterasu: 19
Jac Mornington : 10
Maldrul Morris: 25

On behalf of its members, the Board would like to express its appreciation for the willingness of all of the candidates to serve and extends it’s congratulations and welcome to Gia, Zadi, and Mal.

SLSA Directors Election Re-Vote June 22, 2011

Voting for the 3 open seats of the Board of Directors will officially open at 23:59 SLT on June 21th and will continue thru 00:01 June 23th.

Candidates running are Imzadi Amateras, Jac Mornington, Maldrul Morris and GiavannaMarie Melody. The voting box will be located in the HoF foyer on the SLSA Home sim.

If you have any questions or issues, please contact a member of the Board.

SLSA 2011 Season 1 Tsunami Beach Competition

Tsunami Beach


For the first time in SLSA history, one of Luscious Starship’s LSD waves, the 80m Wilf’s Waimea will be used in a competition. To paraphrase from the LSD wave description:

The wave is 80m wide, 60m deep, and 15m high. The surfing surface is 3 prims and half of the surfing surface has a “hook” or “roof”. The open half of this wave is a straight up bi-directional launching pad. The gentle slope of the wave is suited for beginners and advanced surfers as well allowing maximum freedom of freestyle type surfboard trickery. Be careful not to get overconfident though because the side without the “hook” means you will swim/surf right over and past the wave if you just swim head on into the wave (just like RL!). The texture of this wave is intense and some have said “mean” looking. Like Waimea in Hawaii, this *IS* considered a BIG wave so its appearance reflects the power of its namesake. This wave is also low lag requiring only 2 scripts per wave.

A special thanks needs to go out to Colleen Brennan, VW Sands, and Luscious Starship for all of their hard work trying to come up with the best performing wave set up for this last competition series of this season. This should prove to be great experience for our new surfers, and an opportunity for a new challenge for the experienced old timers


Tsunami Beach
Open: June 11th
Pro: June 18th
Tsunami Beach
Wave: 80m Wilf’s Waimea
Board: shortboard (SSi 5.1, 5.2, 5.2dlg)

1. The Open event is open for ALL new surfers and also those ranked below 20th place last season or no rank’s. The Open comp will take place next Saturday, June 11th (11am SLT). It will have it’s own winners. There will be podium, awards, trophies and all the fun stuff. All heat winners will advance to a final heat which will determine that overall event winner, winning prize and trophies.

2. All first and second placing riders from the Open will be automatically qualified to compete in the next stage of the event – Pro one taking place on Saturday,June 18th (11am slt). All registered top 20 ranked in the last season surfers are qualified to sure in that competition, as well as heat winners and runners-up from the Open competition. The Top 2 Open scores that don’t automatically qualify to compete will receive wild cards and will also be invited to compete in the Pro.