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New SLSA home

Why? Because it’s a great opportunity!

1. Surfing events will be advertised to the community of over 6000 people community
2. SLSA events will also be placed on notice boards throughout the estate
3. Sim is placed next to the hub of the estate
4. The sims surrounding the new Sim have a beach and coastal resort theme, and will blend naturally and seamlessly with the SLSA sim
5. SLSA officials and managers will have management rights to a parcel on the adjacent full sim, that will be used for our events and rezzing spectator stands etc.

The change will be made without any additional cost for the SLSA. We will also continue to pay exactly the same low cost for the sim as we have been paying so far.

SLURL for the sim: (please note, the sim is currently work in progress)


What is the reason for this move right now?
The directors are taking proactive measures, to address some of the major concerns of the SLSA members, namely taking measures to improve membership and competition participation. Access to a large vibrant community provides an opportunity to do this in a mutually beneficial partnership.

So is this sim going to impact existing and future surf sims?
One of the primary missions for this sim, is to act as a hub, an information center, that can independently direct surfers to other surfing facilities within SL, the SLSA remains committed to spreading the word about surf sims to all its members. In addition, the more active members we have, the more visits each of the surf sims can expect.

Will Members be able to rez there?
Yes, the SLSA members will be able to rez anywhere on the sim. Designated builders within the group, will manage the facilities and will return stray prims on a regular schedule. Thanks to such solution, the SLSA members will have a far greater sense of ownership and benefit from this asset that we all help to pay for. This will be a sim that all members can fully use and enjoy.

What happens to Archipelago our current sim?
Archipelago will be turned back over to its owner. We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank the owner for their generous hosting of the SLSA over the past two years, we wish them very much the best for the future.

SLSA 2011 Season 2 Final Rankings!

The final rankings for the SLSA 2011 Season 2 have been posted, both individual and team one.

On behalf of the SLSA Board of Directors I would like to thank all the surfers, staff members including judges, marshalls, security officers, event coordinators, DJ’s, as well as our wonderful hosts – owners or managers of James Isle, Jaguar, Tsunami, Chi and Bundoran Reef – for their hard work and devotion to having the competitions organized and ran the best and most fun possible.

As every season, the SLSA will be holding the end of the season ceremony. Due to upcoming Christmas, the most probable date for the celebration is the first week of January.

It’s a celebration! It’s a mini comp! It’s a raffle!

When: December 12, 2011 12pm (noon) till 4pm SLT
Where: Party on James Isle, surfing on Archipelago
It’s a fundraiser for Archipelago and a celebration of all December birthdays and rezdays.

We will be having a mini comp. The mini comp will be a SSI board of choice on Archi. The waves are already set up if you wish to check them out. There is a limit to 15 surfers so sign up early. If you wish to surf Contact Sunrize Mornington by midnight slt December 11, first come first serve! Trophies for the top 3 surfers. WE ALSO NEED 3 VOLUNTEER JUDGES FOR THE EVENT. This is a good way for new judges to get in some practice before next season!

Maldrul Morris has kindly donated his time to rock us as our DJ. Be sure to hit him up for a request.
There is also going to be several items we are raffling off on raffle boards.

Bundoran farewell


On Saturday, December 10 at 11am SLT the SLSA will be having the last competition at Bundoran Reef before its departure. Thirty surfers have registered for the contest and the Open and Pro events have been combined. We’re expecting some of the best surfing actions on the rocky wave setup at Bundy! Come root for your friends and favorite surfers at 11am SLT on Saturday. See you in the spectator stands!

Bundoran Reef Pro Registration Reopened


As a gesture of inclusion, flexibility and holiday spirit, registration for the Bundoran Reef Pro has been reopened for the next 7 registrants or Wednesday, December 7th at midnight SLT, whichever comes first.

December 1st Directors Election Results

total voters 36

SLSA Voting Machine 2.0: Abel Halderman: 25
SLSA Voting Machine 2.0: Yari Ziplon: 11
SLSA Voting Machine 2.0: GiavannaMarie Melody: 21
SLSA Voting Machine 2.0: Maldrul Morris: 29
SLSA Voting Machine 2.0: Sally LaSalle: 22

Congratulations to Abel, Maldrul and Sally!

SLSA Directors Election Open For Voting

Voting will be open until midnight SLT today December 1st 2011

Follow the landmark to the voting machine, click the box and follow the instructions.