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Meet Your Candidates, December 1st 2013 Director Election

We had a call for candidates this past week to fill three director seats opening up and five SLSA members have selflessly stood up prepared to serve our community. The candidates are JohnnyWhadd, Maldrul Morris, Petra Xaris, Sunrize Mornington, and Xander Datura. You may read more about them at the SLSA forum at this link:

Please remember voting will be on December 1st at the Solace Dreams sim just outside the SLSA Clubhouse.

7th Annual Chi Fluffy/Shortboard Pro

The 7th Annual Chi Fluffy/Shortboard Pro did not disappoint! The tranquil and scenic sim of Chi was the setting for the event. Lava spewed from the volcano down to the beach below where thirty SLSA surfers took on the challenge carving the fluffy waves in style. DJ Pronvelle Cristole rocked the stands while the crowd cheered on their favorite surfers.

Congrats to all that participated in the surfing extravaganza and to all the semi finalists and winners!

Harbour Piers 15.16
Abel Halderman 13.83
Roxyangel007 13.83
Jordan Halderman 13.66
Zelda Zimberman 13.66
Sunrize Mornington 13.00

Maldrul Morris 12.66
WillowWynn 12.50
Alvaro Pevensey 12.33
Dax Kona 12.16
Shannon Cardalines 12.16
Ace 11.83
Zoso Zepp 11.66

A big thank you from myself, Petra Xaris, and the entire SLSA family to our title sponsor Sally LaSalle and to all of our staff that made this competition possible: Event Coordinator and Security Officer-Sally LaSalle, Head Judge-Xander Datura, Judge-Bobbi Laval, Judge-Wilfrid DeCuir, Marshal-Cloudy Mikado, and DJ- Pronvelle Cristole.

Please join us on December 7th &14th  for our last event of season 2 2013. It will be at Tsuanmi Beach with LSD rezzer comp board and Moali Monster wave. Here is the LM for Tsunami Beach:

Chi Annual Fluffy Open comp Nov 9, 2013

Hosted at Sally LaSalle’s sim, Chi, the turn out for the Anuual Fluffies Shortboard Open was great. Nineteen surfers took on the challenge in their own surfing styles, carving the fluffy waves while the entertained onlookers cheered them on from the stands.

Congratulations to the winners of the mini final and to the top ten whom will advance to this Saturday’s Pro event:

MINI FINAL winners:

Zelda Zimberman 14.50
KatieLove Adore 13.66
Allina 13.50
Shannon Cardalines 13.16
Rayzza Rubble 11.50

And rounding out the top ten to advance. . .

Zoso Zepp 13.33
Kr1st3n 12.83
Neptune01 12.50
EllaAnastasia 11.83
Annie Panties 11.33

A big thank you from myself, Petra Xaris, and the entire SLSA family to our dedicated staff who helped make this surfing comp possible. Event Coordinator and Security Officer: Sally LaSalle,  Head Judge: Bobbi Laval-LaSalle, Judge: Alvaro Pevensey, Judge: Imzadi Amaterasu, and Marshall: Cloudy Mikado who, along with the rest of the staff, did a great job as always helping to keep the comp running smoothly and on time.

Please join us on Saturday November 16, 2013 as our top ten from the Open join twenty Pro surfers to complete the annual Fluffy challenge at Chi. Here is your Limo:

Call For Nominations – December 1, 2013 Elections

It’s time for  the next SLSA election.  There are three Director positions to fill. Please consider your nomination for directorship to support the SLSA. It’s a great way to give back to our community.

You’ll find further details on how you may declare your candidacy for election at the SLSA forum, please look under Announcements. Here is a link:

Thank you 🙂