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Meet Your Candidates, March 1st 2014 Director Election

We had a call for candidates last week to fill two director seats opening up and three SLSA members have volunteerd to serve our community. The candidates are Alvaro Pevensey, Roxy (roxyangel007) and Maldrul Morris. You may read more about them at the SLSA forum at this link:

Island Sea Dreams HP5 Open Feb. 2014

SLSA started it’s first comp of season 1 2014 with a bang. While 28 surfers took to
the Maoli waves at Island Sea Dreams, DJ Pronvelle Cristole provided the music
watching on as the crowd cheered their favorite surfers. Congrats to the
winners and top ten who will advance to the Pro next week!

Mini Final:

Bobbi Laval 15.50
Sally LaSalle 13.50
Figger Arun 13.33
Reigndrop Resident 13.16
Bradfresh Resident 12.00

Qualifying By Score:

Michael Romani 14.00
Rayzza Rubble 13.50
Van Valeeza 13.50
Lyn Naveah 12.83
Bri Graycloud 12.83

A big thank you from myself, Petra Xaris, and all of the SLSA family to the title sponsor Connie DeCosta at her Island Sea Dreams sim and to the staff that made this competition possible.Event Coordinator & MC Bobbi Laval, MC-Robin Mapp, Head Judge-Maldrul Morris, Judge-Monq Mapp, Judge-Zelda Zimberman, Marshall-Neptune Maa, Security Officer-JohnnyWhadd, and DJ-Pronvelle Cristole.

Please join us on Saturday February 22, 2014 as the ten winners from the Island Sea Dreams HP5 Open meet up with twenty Pro SLSA surfers to battle it out on the waves. Here is your limo:

Call For Nominations – March 1, 2014 Elections

It’s time for  the next SLSA election.  There are two Director positions to fill. Please consider your nomination for directorship to support the SLSA. It’s a great way to give back to our community. You’ll find further details on how you may declare your candidacy for election at the SLSA forum, please look under Announcements.  Here is a link:

Thank you 🙂

Tsunami Beach LSD Pro Dec. 2013

Twelve qualifying surfers from the Open comp joined twenty Pro SLSA surfers for the LSD challenge surfed on Maoli Monster wave.  The surfers carved the waves in style entertaining the audience in a thrilling end to Seaon 2 2013. Congrats to the finalists:

1st Bobbi Lavalle – 16.50
2nd Wilfrid Decuir – 15.50
3rd Zelda Zimberman – 15.00
4th Robin Mapp – 14.83
5th Abel Halderman – 14.50
6th Cierra Theriac – 13.33

Big thank you from all of SLSA family to our host sponsor Maryann Maa and all those that worked the competition:Event Coordinators- Robin Mapp & Alvaro Pevensey, Head Judge- Xander Datura, Judge-Mick Lunasea, Judge-Countess Decosta, Marshall-Neptune Maa, Security Officer – JohnnyWhadd, and DJ-Samantha Lane.

Tsunami LSD Open Dec. 2013

LSD was the choice of surfboards for the Tsunami beach SLSA surfing competition. Twenty-Six Surfers entered the comp for some high flying action packed fun on the Maoli Monster Wave. Congrats to the top 12 (due to two ties) who moved on to the Pro comp.

Top Twelve:

Mini Final
Neptune01 – 14.33
Wilfrid Decuir – 13.50
Sarah Pevensey – 13.33
Kr1st3n – 12.83
Sally LaSalle – 12.66
Dax Verlane – 12.50
Reigndrop – 12.50

Remaining top Twelve:
EllaAnastasia – 13.33**
Bobbi Laval – 12.83**
Tawnielee – 12.50**
Kristoffer Juneau – 12.33**
Bethany Felismo – 12.00**

A big thank you from all of SLSA to the Title sponsor and owner of Tsunami Beach Maryann Maa and to the staff which worked the comp: Event Coordinators- Robin Mapp & Alvaro Pevensey, Head Judge- Xander Datura, Judge-Jordan Mendle, Judge-Sunrize Mornington, Marshall-Monq Mapp, Security Officer – Neptune Maa, and DJ-Maldrul Morris.