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Registration for Tsunami Beach LSD comp is open

Registration for Tsunami Beach LSD comp is now open. The dates will be: Open – June 7th and Pro – June 14th at 11AM SLT. The surfboard will be LSD non-modifiable comp rezzer and wave will be California. Registration will close on Tuesday June 3rd at Midnight SLT. Please sign up  at the forum at following link:

Meet Your Candidates, June 1st Election

Five SLSA members have answered the call to serve our community for the June 1st election. The candidates are Revlon Benoir, Summer Amaranth (SummerRain Garnet), Annie Panties, Alvaro Pevensey, and Petra Xaris. You may read more about them at the SLSA forum at the following link:

*Due to RL commitments Revlon Benoir and Alvaro Pevensey withdrew from the election.

Call For Director Nominations – June 1, 2014 Elections

It’s time for the next SLSA election.  There are three Director positions to fill. Please consider your nomination for directorship to support the SLSA. It’s a great way to give back to our community. You’ll find further details on how you may declare your candidacy for election at the SLSA forum, please look under Announcements.  Here is a link:

Thank you 🙂