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Bluff Cove C-3 Pro Comp March 28th Results and Team Standings

Team Rankings After Bluff CoveBCrevision

Bluff Cove C-3 Open Comp March 21st Results

The pituresque Sim of Bluff Cove was the setting of today’s SLSA Bluff Cove C-3 Open. Cheers were plentiful while the surfers showed off their skills carving up the maoli Freestyle and Swell waves. Congrats to all the Mini Finalists and those that qualify for the Pro.

Mini Finalist Winners:

1st Lanky Silvercloud 15.00
2nd Mike Vallely 14.66
3rd Followingwaves 13.00
4th Bullet Admiral 11.33
5th Diamond Carbetta 11.00

Pro Qualifiers:

Mick Lunasea 12.50
Rachel Emodemon 11.50
Diamond Carbetta 10.00
Renee Serendipity 9.50
Maryann Maa 7.67

A big thank you to all of our staff, Event Coordinator: Summerrain Garnet, Head Judge- Wil DeCuir, Judge-Neptune01, Judge-Annie Panties, Marshal-Roxyangel007, Security Officers-Cierra Theriac & Flynn Sheridan, DJ-Reign.

Please join us next week as our 10 qualifying surfers join 20 Pro surfers for a C-3 extravaganza. Same time, same place 11AM SLT March 28th, Bluff Cove!

Registration for Bluff Cove C-3 Comp March 2015

Registration for Bluff Cove C-3 Comp ends today March 17th so if you haven’t signed up yet, get on over to the SLSA forum asap. This comp is expected to be a load of fun as we all carve it up with the super cool C-3 board on the Maoli Freestyle and Swell waves. See you all there on March 21st & March 28th at 11AM SLT!

Meet your new Directors from March 1st Election

We had a good turn out of voters show up in support of our candidates Daphne Yardley-Wayward and Zelda Zimberman whom both won seats for SLSA Director. Congrats and welcome ladies to your next 6 months of serving the SLSA community. A big thank you to Lanky Silvercloud who served as director for the last 6 months, giving of her time and talents to make sure our home sim Solace Dreams ran smoothly. She was great fun to have as a director and we thank her for all her hard work. She will be missed!

Chi Fluffy Comp Pro Feb 28, 2015

In our 2nd week of competing on the new Moali Fluffy Fun waves, the Open surfers whom qualified for the Pro joined 20 Pro Surfers to put on a spectacular event. It was a carving and spinning frenzy as each surfer showed off in their own style!

Congrats to the Winners and Semi Finalists:

1st Harbor Piers 15.50
2nd Kr1st3n 15.16
2nd austimus1 15.16
4th Becka Blackrain 14.83
5th Wilfrid DeCuir 14.00
6th Sally LaSalle 13.50

Semi Finalists:
JohnnyWhadd 13.83
neptune01 13.83
Malrul Morris 13.16
Zelda Zimberman 13.16
Figger Arun 12.66
Sunrize Mornington 12.33

A big thank you from myself, Petra Xaris, and the entire SLSA community to all of our staff whom generously gave up their time to make this comp possible: EC-SummerRain Garnet, HJ- Bobbi Laval-LaSalle, J- Shannon Cardalines, J-Robbin Ember, Marshals: Neptune01 and Roxyangel007, and DJ-JohnnyWhadd.

Join us in March on the 21st & 28th at 11AM SLT, when SLSA members take to the waves again, this time at Bluff Cove owned by Cierra Theriac & Flynn Sheridan. It’ll be some speedy surfing on the C-3 board and Maoili Swell & Freestyle waves. See you all there…

Chi Fluffy Comp Open Feb 21st 2015

It was a Fluffy Comp at Chi with a twist. Denise Foxtrot created the Maoli Fluffy Fun for the February 2015 comp and it surely proved to be a lot of fun for the surfers and spectators alike. Cheers could be heard as the surfers carved the fluffy waves in style!

Congrats to all those that made it to the Mini Final and to all whom advanced to the Pro…

Mini Final Winners:
Figger Arun 11.00
Kantbe Thursday 11.00
Magnus 10.66
Ronan Blake 10.16
Zack Tillman 9.83

Remainder Advancing to Pro
Nico 11.66**
Reigndrop 11.33**
ƛ 亗 ᔑℓαƊє Ⓙ υⅅΔℳɨᔑᔑ M̕a͠no 亗 ƛ (luis025) 10.66**
Maldrul Morris 10.33**
Aquadoc 8.83**
Natalie (nataliesch) 8.83**

A big thank you to all of our staff who made this comp possible: EC- Summer Amaranth, HJ Cierra Theriac, Judge-JT Castanea, Judge-Neptune01, Marshal-Roxyangel007, Security-Sally LaSalle, and DJ-JohnnyWhadd.