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Results for SLSA’s Tsunami Beach Open, June 20th 2015

MaryAnn Maa’s sim, Tsunami Beach, was the setting for SLSA’s surfers riding LSD surfboards on the Maoli Monster wave yesterday. Seven surfers took to the waves shredding up that monster of a wave on the LSD rezzer boards. Congrats to all the winners and those advancing to the Pro…

1sr Gia Melody 14.7
2nd Slade Mano  14.0
3rd Toni Justice  13.50
4th Carlyle Chaparral 13.2
5th Jims Destiny 12.0

Heat 1
followingwaves sirbu DNS
Curshaw MacTagairt  11.0
Jims Destiny  13.3
Jaguar Faulkes DNS

Heat 2
Maryann Maa  12.6
Daphne Yardley Wayward  DNS
Carlyle Chaparral  14.6
bullet (fuzzy)  DNS

Heat 3
Slade Mano  13.5
Toni Justice  13.7
Gia Melody  14.5

Qualified for Pro Event by Score
Maryann Maa
Curshaw MacTagairt

Meet your new Directors from June 1st Election

We had a good turn out of voters show up in support of our candidates Cierra Theriac, Rayzza Rubble, and Robbin Ember who won seats for SLSA Director. Congrats and welcome to your next 6 months of serving the SLSA community.

We would also like to send out a huge SLSA thank you to retiring directors Petra Xaris and SummerRain Garnet for their multiple term service on the Board!