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November 2016 Director By-Election

SLSA welcomes back Petra Xaris as the winner of the November By-Election to replace outgoing director Baylee Merryman who we thank for her dedication and service!

Chi 10th Anniversary Fluffy Pro November 2016

It was a celebration like none other. The Chi Fluffy Pro marked 10 years since competitions began at Chi owned by our title sponsor Sally LaSalle. The surfers took to the fluffy waves on their SSi shortboards to spin and carve the waves to the delight of the onlookers. Congrats to all our surfers and our finalists!

Petra Xaris 15.83
Liberty Justice 15.16
Cierra Theriac 14.83
KrisMarley 14.66
Aquadoc 14.50
Moira 8.50

Semi One
Moira 15.25
Cierra Theriac 15.00
Aquadoc 14.16

Semi Two

KrisMarley 14.91
Petra Xaris 14.08
Bri Graycloud 13.75

Semi Three
Liberty Justice 15.41
Teddy Bear 13.66
Mick Lunasea 13.25
Heat One
Petra Xaris 15.16
Cierra Theriac 14.58
Bri Graycloud 13.16
Carlyele Chaparral 0.00

Heat Two
Moira 15.25
Mick Lunasea 14.08
Kei Raven 11.25
Nik Nak 11.00

Heat Three
Liberty Justice 15.08
Missy Lovesu 14.08
Curshaw MacTagairt4.33
Stoner130 0.00
Heat Four
Aquadoc 14.00
KrisMarley 13.75
Teddy Bear 13.50

A special thank you to everyone who made this comp possible to our Title sponsor Sally LaSalle, Event Coordinators – Roxyangel, Head Judge- Bobbi LaSalle, Judge- Shannon Cardalines, Judge – Daphne Yardley, Marshals – Roxyangel & Mick Lunasea, Security- Sally LaSalle and DJ Reignie.

Bluff Cove C-3 Pro October 2016

It was a set up like none other at the pituresque sim of Bluff Cove owned by Cierra Theriac our title sponsor. Two sets of waves, Moali Swell and Moali Freestyle, both fun and challenging were the waves of choice at the C-3 Pro. Surfers had a grand day showing off their superior skills on their C-3 surfboards. Congrats to all our surfers and our finalists for their particiapation!

Krismarley Residen 16.83
ToniTrue Resident 16.83
venera74 Resident 16.08
Sage Grantham 15.62
Stoner130 Resident 15.42
ophelia merryman 14.83

Semi One
ToniTrue Resident 16.00
ophelia merryman 15.66
Krismarley Residen 15.08
Sage Grantham 13.33
Petra Xaris 12.58

Semi Two
venera74 Resident 15.41
Stoner130 Resident 13.08
Nicollebaby Reside 12.91
Cierra Theriac 12.41
Atlastshrugged3 Re 11.58

Preliminary Heats:

Heat One
venera74 Resident 15.91
Cierra Theriac 15.00
ophelia merryman 14.25
Stella1097 Residen 11.50
Curshaw Resident 6.33

Heat Two
Petra Xaris 14.25
Stoner130 Resident 14.00
KeiRaven Resident 8.00
followingwaves sir 0.00
lightn Firelyte 0.00

Heat Three
ToniTrue Resident 16.75
Sage Grantham 13.75
Atlastshrugged3 Re 12.16
Nicollebaby Reside 11.58
Bri Graycloud 3.58

Heat Four
Krismarley Residen 15.16
Aquadoc Resident 11.00
missylovesu Reside 0.00
sarah94578 Residen 0.00

A special thank you to everyone who made this comp possible to our Title sponsor Cierra Theriac, Event Coordinators – Cierra Theriac, Head Judge- Annie Panties, Judge- Mick Lunasea, Judge – Dax Verlaine, Marshals – Petra Xaris & Bri Graycloud, Security- Cierra Theriac and DJ Reignie.
Rashies: Moira
Trophies: Neptune and Roxy

Meet Your New Directors September 2016

We had a general election on September 1, 2016 and our winners were Nash Laville and Baylee Merryman. Thank you for your willingness to serve SLSA! We’d like to thank outgoing directors Annie Panties and Jims Destiny for their dedication and service.

Bundy Reef LSD Pro September 2016

The beautiful Bundy Reef sim was the setting for the LSD Pro on the Maoli Monster wave. The pro surfers showed off their skills on the huge wave stretching from one side of the sim to the other. it was some high flying fun! Congrats to all the finalists and to all the surfers that participated and made it such a great day!


1st Liberty 15.83
2nd Moira 15.50
3rd Kris 15.41
4th Stoner 15.08
5th Petra 14.91
6th Teddy Bear 14.16

Semi One
KrisMarley 15.33
Liberty Justice 15.08
Syykyr 11.66
Bri Lovesu-Grayclo 11.41
Aquadoc 11.16

Semi Two
Moira 14.08
Stoner130 13.66
Teddy Bear 13.66
Petra Xaris 13.16
Accordance 12.50

Heat One
Moira 14.41
Syykyr 13.33
Bri Lovesu-Grayclo 10.66
Curshaw MacTagairt 6.58

Heat Two
Petra Xaris 13.58
Stoner130 10.66
Accordance 9.75
Annie Panties 8.67

Heat Three
Stella 9.25
Sage Grantham 8.25
Keiraven 7.25

Heat Four
KrisMarley 16.00
Liberty Justice 13.83
Teddy Bear 13.00
Aquadoc 11.41

A special thank you to everyone who made this comp possible to our Title sponsor Cierra Theriac, Event Coordinators – Baylee Merryman, Head Judge- Cierra Theriac, Judge- Mick Lunasea, Judge – Tyler Peace, Marshal – Roxyangel, and DJ LadyLilith and CherylBeatien. Rashies Gia Meloday and Trophies Neptune.

Cloud Nine HP5 Pro August 2016

SLSA Pro surfers took to the Joaquina waves for the Cloud Nine HP5 Pro. It was a great day of high flying fun as the surfers showed off their skills! Congrats to all the surfers and to our finalists!

Roxyangel007 resident (Orange)12.58
luis025 Resident (Purple) 12.08
tonitrue Resident (Black) 12.00
Venera74 (Blue) 11.83
Rayzza Rubble (Red) 11.66
Cierra Theriac (Green) 11.5

Semis 1, 2 and 3
Rayzza Rubble (Blue) 13.33
Venera74 (Red) 12.91
Cierra Theriac (Blue) 12.66
Roxyangel007 resident (Red) 12.5
luis025 Resident (Green) 12.25
tonitrue Resident (Orange) 12.25
GiavannaMarie Melody (Blue) 12
KrisMarley Resident (Green) 11.75
Syykvr resident (Orange) 11.66
Bri Graycloud (Green) 10.91
Petra Xaris (Red) 9.75
atlasshugged3 (Orange) 5.5

Heat 1
missylovesu resident (Red) 0.00
Venera74 (Blue) 13.25
Roxyangel007 resident (Green)12.91
ophelia merryman (Orange) 11.33
Curshaw Resident (Purple) 7.25

Heat 2
Cierra Theriac (Red) 12.75
Bri Graycloud (Blue) 12.16
Petra Xaris (Green) 13.16
Jen Gustafson (Orange) 0.00
Stoner130 Resident (Purple) 0.00

Heat 3
GiavannaMarie Melody (Red) 12.66
luis025 Resident (Blue) 12.08
Syykvr resident (Green) 11.58
tonitrue Resident (Orange) 11.58
Aquadoc Resident (Purple) 11.16

Heat 4
Andincrowe Resident 11.33
atlasshugged3 11.41
KrisMarley Resident (Green) 11.91
Rayzza Rubble (Orange) 12.83
Sarah Galloway (Purple) 0.00

A special thank you to all who made this day possible, our title sponsor Baylee Merryman, EC- Cierra Theriac, HJ- Annie Panties (Jadeeast), J- Mick Lunesa , J- Bobbie LaSalle, Marshal- Roxy, Security- Valium Lavender and DJ – Lilith (LadyLilith2012). Trophies and Rashies made by Gia Melody.

2016 Season 1 Awards Recipients

Held at Rayzza Rubbles WaterfrontTheatre it was an epic day to celebrate the closing of yet another season for SLSA. Below you will find a list of awards recipients and presenters. Congrats to all and a big thank you for all those involved in planning and hosting of the awards ceremony including the makers of trophies!

Top 10:
1 Tyler Peace
2 Roxy Angel
3 Moira
4 Liberty Justice
5 Cierra Theraic
6 Slade Mano
7 Petra Xaris
8 Mike
9 Lanky Silvercloud
9 Ronan Blake
Presenter: Bobbi LaSalle

Top 3 Team:
1 Tai Chi
2 Tsunami
3 Montego
Presenter: Annie Panties

Angel Award: MaryAnn Maa
Presenter: Petra Xaris

Sportsmanship Award: Aquadoc
Presenter: Petra Xaris

Most Improved: Slade Mano
Presenter: Cierra Theriac

Hall of Fame:
Tyler Peace (#1 Rank)
Roxy Angel (#2 Rank)
Vally Lavender (Contributions to SL Surfing)
Shack Schapira (Contributions to SL Surfing)
Presenter: Sally LaSalle

Event Host: Curshaw MacTagairt
Site Host: Rayzza Rubble
Trophies: Neptune01, RoxyAngel007

Tsunami Beach SSi Longboard Pro Comp June 2016

Solace Dreams home of SLSA was the setting for the last comp of the season sponsored by Tsunami Beach/Maryann Maa. Surfers took to the Epic Lite waves on their SSi longboards displaying their skills as they carved up the waves. It was a fun day for all. Congrats to all those whom participated and our finalists!

Moira 14.41
Tyler Peace 14.25
Slade Manzo 13.50
Petra Xaris 13.41
ToniTrue 13.33
Baylee 13.00

Semi One
ToniTrue 12.75
Petra Xaris 12.16
Roxy 11.91
Annie Panties 11.00
Semi Two
Baylee 13.16
Moira 12.91
Gia Melody 12.08
Stoner130 9.25
Semi Three
Slade Manzo 14.41
Tyler Peace 13.25
Followingwaves Sirbu 10.66
Mick Lunasea 9.83

Heat One
luis025 Resident 14.25
venera74 Resident 13.08
GiavannaMarie Melody 12.66
Jadeeast Resident 9.33
Curshaw Resident 8.75
Heat Two
Petra Xaris 12.75
Stoner130 Resident 9.17
Cierra Theriac 0.00
Syykyr Resident 0.00
Vallely Resident 0.00
Heat Three
austimus1 Resident 12.91
Mick Lunasea 11.83
Jims Destiny 0.00
missylovesu Reside 0.00
Heat Four
roxyangel007 Resid 14.83
ophelia merryman 14.33
alectoishere Resid 0.00
sarah94578 Residen 0.00
Heat Five
tonitrue Resident 13.75
followingwaves sir 9.17
Aquadoc Resident 5.58
Carlyle Chaparral 0.00

A special thank you to everyone who made this comp possible to our Title sponsor Maryann Maa, Event Coordinators – Annie Panties & Petra Xaris, Head Judge- Cierra Theriac, Judge- Rayzza Rubble, Judge – JT Castanea, Marshals – Roxy and Gia Melody, Security- Petra Xaris, and DJ Dino. Rashie and Trophy Maker: Moira. Thank you to all the surfers that participated in Season One 2016. Happy Surfing!