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Meet Your Candidate Director By-Election March 29th

Please visit our Announcements page at the SLSA forum to read more about the nomination we received for our By-Election March 29th. Thank you!

Call for Candidates By-Election 3/29/17

The SLSA Board of Directors has received notice of resignation from Kris Marley citing personal reasons. We thank Kris for his service and contribution, and respect his decision to leave at this time and also to provide an opportunity for someone to take his place.

If you are interested in contributing to SLSA by helping to fill this position, please read more at the SLSA forum under announcements at the below url. Thank you!

Solace Dreams SSi Longboard Pro Results March 25th

Solace Dreams, home sim of SL Surfing Association, was the location of our 2nd surfing comp of the season. Surfers carved the tall Sunset waves on their SSi longboards wowing the crowd who cheered everyone on. It was a fun time for all. Congrats to all of the finalists and those that participated!

1st Moira (venera74) 14.91667
2nd Petra Xaris 14.75000
3rd Teddy Bear  (atlasshrugged3) 14.16667
4th Aquadoc  13.33333
5th Cierra Theriac 11.66667
6th Jeavin 9.583333

Preliniary Heats:
Heat 1
BillTheDrunk 9.500000
Nicollebaby 0.000000
Moira (venera74) 15.08333
Cierra Theriac 13.25000

Heat 2
followingwaves Sirbu 11.58333
Teddy Bear (atlasshrugged3) 13.58333
Jeavin 11.75000
Petra Xaris 14.08333

Heat 3
joaomiguelkobalt 6.333333
Mick Lunasea  7.000000
MaryAnn Maa  9.166667
Aquadoc Resident 11.66667

Thank you to all the staff who made this comp possible… Event Coordinators – Moira (venera74), Petra Xaris, Nash Laville, Head Judge – Annie Panties, Judge – JT Castanea, Judge-Kris Marley, Marshal – Roxyangel007, Security – Petra Xaris, DJ – Tiny, Rashie Maker – Petra Xaris, Trophy maker Moira (venera74). Meet us next time on April 22nd at Solace Dreams for the Tsunami LSD Pro!