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Tsunami Beach LSD Pro Comp Results

The Tsunami Beach LSD Pro competition Sponsored by Maryann Maa, was held on April 22nd at the home sim of SLSA — Solace Dreams. It was fast, it was wild, it was out of this world on the Maoli 100 meter Freestyle wave coupled with the LSD board. What a speedy combination and thrilling comp! Congrats to all the surfers and those making it to the final!
Moira (Venera74) 16.16
KrisMarley 15.83
Jeavin 15.66
JohnnyWhadd 15.41
atlasshrugged3 14.91
Cierra Theriac 13.75
Aquadoc Resident 13.16

Heat One
Jeavin Resident 12.75
MaryAnn Maa 10.75
Bri Graycloud 10.375
Carlyle Chaparral 9.125
Curshaw Resident 8.00
Heat Two
Moira (Venera74) 17.58
Cierra Theriac 12.25
nuitdarksin 12.25
mick lunasea 11.91
BIllTheDrunk Resid 0.00

Heat Three
atlasshrugged3 14.58
Petra Xaris 11.91
joaomiguelkobalt 9.42
Nicollebaby Reside 8.42
Erick Seranno 0.00

Heat Four
KrisMarley Residen 17.08
JohnnyWhadd 15.33
Aquadoc Resident 13.75
followingwaves Sirbu 7.25
missylovesu reside 0.00

Thank you to our title sponsor Tsunami Beach/Maryann Maa and to our staff: Event Coordinators – Moira & Petra Xaris, Marshals – Maryann Maa & Petra Xaris, Head Judge – Annie Panties, Judge – JT Castanea, Judge – Zadi, Security Officer – Petra Xaris, and DJ – Jayden James. See us next month, May 20th, as we meet again, this time at Bluff Cove for SL Surfing Associations 100th competition. We’ve been a presence in Second Life for 10 years and we’re celebrating all season long…

March 29th Director By-Election Results

We welcome Maryann Maa to the SLSA Board of Directors and thank her for stepping up to the job and for her willingness to serve our community. We also thank outgoing director, Kris Marley, for his dedication and hard work during his term and wish him the best!

Due to only 1 candidate standing for election and only 1 seat being available, no vote is required as stated in the Constitution and the candidate will be appointed to the SLSA BoD. In the event that the number of eligible candidates be equal to the number of open directors’ seats; a vote will be bypassed and the eligible candidates be confirmed as new members of the Board of Directors by auto election.

Season Two 2016 SLSA Champion Liberty!


Photo Courtesy Tegan Malone

Liberty Justice (tonitrue) in action doing what she does best –Surf! She’s our season 2 2016 SLSA surfing champ. She carved those waves comp after comp riding them straight to the top!

Liberty (tonitrue) Inducted into the SLSA Hall of Fame S2 2016


With two wins, two 2nd’s and a 3rd place finish, Liberty Justice surfed her way into the Hall of Fame in style and became Season 2 2016 Champion! Photo courtesy Tegan Malone