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Bluff Cove C-3 Pro Results May 20th

The picturesque setting of Bluff Cove owned by Cierra Theriac was the location of our 4th comp of the season. Surfers rode their C-3 surfboards on the Moali Freestyle and Swell waves. They carved it up while exhibiting awesome moves that kept the crowd entertained. Congrats to all who participated and our finalists!

Heat 1
Jeavin (RED) 14.33
Maryann Maa (ORANGE) 10.00
KeiReavin (PURPLE) 7.83

Heat Two
Follo (RED) 8.25
Moira (BLUE) 17.00
Mick Lunasea (GREEN) 9.58
Teddy Bear (ORANGE) 12.41

Heat 3
Nik Nak (RED) 12.25
Aquadoc (BLUE) 12.58
Cierra Theriac (GREEN) 13.91
Kris Marley (ORANGE) 15.00

Final Heat 4
Moira (RED) 16.25
Kris Marley (BLUE) 15.75
Teddy Bear (BLACK) 15.00
Jeavin (ORANGE) 14.416
Aquadoc (PURPLE) 14.166
Cierra Theriac (GREEN) 13.75

Special thanks to all our staff who helped make this comp possible, Title sponsor Cierra Theriac, Head judge Annie Panties (JadeEast), Judge – Petra Xaris, Judge – Zelda Zimberman, Marshals Maryann Maa and Cierra Theriac, Event Coordinators Moira (venera74) and Gia Melody, Security Officer – Cierra Theriac, and DJ Tiny.Thanks also to our rashie and trophie makers – Gia Melody and Moira. See you all in June at Tai for our 10th year anniversary competition SSi shortboard on Pipeline Lite waves!

Meet Your Candidates June 8th Director Election

We are having a general election to fill 3 director seats for June 8th. We’d like to thank those that have stepped up to serve our community. You are very much appreciated. Read about your candidates under announcements at the SLSA forum.

Thank you and Happy surfing!