The Board is pleased to announce we have two candidates for the upcoming March 1st Directors election.

Meet your candidates Kantbe Thursday and VW Sands. Their application notes are provided below:

“I hereby petition for a candidacy waiver so that I may submit myself as a candidate in the upcoming election. While my RL schedule continues to only rarely allow me to participate in official SLSA competition events, I do feel that I have illustrated that I can and do spend other time in an effort to help promote surfing in SL in general and to help the SLSA specifically. I believe that my past several months as an SLSA Director further shows that I can contribute in some small way, even with the constraints on my inworld time.

I would like to thank all of the current Board for their consideration and hope my candidacy waiver will be granted.

If my petition is granted, I would also like to submit myself as a candidate for the upcoming election. I am willing to serve another 6 month term and have the ability to do so as far as I know. I am one of the owners of the Reef Rider team group and an officer for that team. I am also on the staff at West of Ireland and one of the managers of Bundoran Reef. In addition, I am on the staff for SurfWatch. My only other affiliation is a self run SL video production business. To the best of my knowledge, I have no other SL surfing or business affiliations.


Kantbe Thursday
February 14, 2011″

” Aloha!

I VW Sands would like to send my intent to run for a seat on the SLSA board of Directors. I am willing to serve the full six month term.
I am the owner of the Vibrations Surf Team and the Alliance sim.



VW Sands – Febuary 16, 2011″