Meet Your Candidates – June 1, 2011 Election

We have received 5 candidate submissions for the 3 postions to be filled in the upcoming June 1st Directors Election. The following represents the text from the 5 submissions (in no particular order):

SLSA Directors,

My name is GiavannaMarie Melody. This notecard represents my request to stand as a director in the upcoming election. I am willing and able to serve the full term. I am currently co captain of Reef Riders. I also own my own clothing line Surfari, which is a sponsor of SLSA. I have served two terms as a Director.

I have worked on many SLSA projects. My attitude and work ethic is my greatest assett to the organization. I have been a part of the organization for over 2 years now, and bring a lot of experience to the directorship. My vision for the SLSA is to help it grow as well as continuing to find a way to save our great surfing sims. Over the past tenure on the board, we had great difficulty in finding volunteers for our great events. This is something I wish to continue to focus on should I be re elected.


My name is Imzadi Amaterasu but please call me Zadi. I seen the posting on the forums and I am very interested in serving a full term on the SLSA’s Board of Directors. I am a member of Team Tsunami. I do not have a product or sim but I am General Manager of Lightening Video, an SLSA sponsor.

Since joining the SLSA I have found a group of people that are so true and hardworking which is hard to find in SL. My grandfather used to tell me, you get what you put into it. This is so evident in the events and competitions the SLSA has throughout the year and I would love to be apart of that. Being in charge of the staff of LV and the day to day happenings of the store, I know how to see tasks get done from doing them myself or delgating it to others all depending on whichever is more effective to the final outcome, completion.

My vision and hopes for me joinging the SLSA is to be more involved with the best bunch of people and to contribute my skills to help make things continue to flow smoothly .. and have fun doing it!

Thanks for your time in reading my application.



I, Jac Mornington, wish to to stand as a director to serve a full term. I am affiliated with Team Tsunami.

I have been an active member fo the SLSA for over 3 years. During that time I have particiapted in many events as surfer and event staff. I have also hosted and sponsored several events on sims owned and designed by myself for the sole purpose of SL surfing.

I would work to continue the efforts of the SLSA by promoting SL surfing to the community at large. I would work to bring continuity to upcoming competitive events.

I would also work to revise the current competition format, suggesting SLSA go back to one event/month schedule, thus reducing resources (staffing especially) required for the 2 event/month system.

I would suggest exploring comp formats other than the current 3 wave structure that has always been in place i.e. timed heats. Also, I would explore opening competitions to all board makes and waves.

I do not support the SLSA Archipeligo SIM. Instead, I suggest we use those resources and efforts to support event hosting venues, possibly offering a stipend to those sims in return for advertising and promoting SL surfing to the community at large. This would provide surf hosting sims with needed resources and possibly help other sim owners to develop new surfing venues. Fund raisers held in this spirit would go to supporting all our favorite surf sims, and future ones.

I, Maldrul Morris, am fully willing and able to accept a position as SLSA director if elected.

I currently surf for Team Montego.

I have been competing in SLSA sponsored events since 2008. I am a fair and honest elf with a good work ethic and will do my best to fulfill the duties of SLSA director if elected. I will work tirelessly to guide the SLSA to provide the most fair and balanced events in order to maximize the enjoyment by both veterans and new surfers alike.

Hi Yawl,
yea, I’m re-apply, and Wick will prolly go nuts, hehe, but i feel I have a duty to, coz I feel passionately about the slsa, and have learned so much that it would be a shame to waste that knowledge..
What do i think I would bring to the slsa? well a background knowledge of what the job is all about for a start , plus I want to get on with what I started to do before I got ill, and that was to take care of Archi, and try and turn it around a bit, and make it a fun sim for us all to enjoy and love.
If yu need more info as to why im re applying, ill do a full interview for yas : )) CK.

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