Lightening Dominion Sunset Registration Closed and Open Heat Draws Announced!

Registration for the Lightning Dominion Sunset Series is closed and the heat draws for the Open competition to be held at Jaguar surf sim this coming Satrurday, September 10th at 11:00 AM SLT have been released! Here they are:

Heat 1
jayden Domenici (RED)
DeVinna Toll (BLUE)
FrankiePalmero Actor (GREEN)

Heat 2
Harbor Piers (RED)
Maldrul Morris (BLUE)
JT Castanea (GREEN)

Heat 3
Twixt Mode (RED)
Damiana Babcock (BLUE)
followingwaves sirbu (GREEN)

Heat 4
Abel Halderman (RED)
Zelda Zimberman (BLUE)
Yari Ziplon (GREEN)

Heat 5
Lourinho Nizna (RED)
Sally LaSalle (BLUE)
Katey Spiritweaver (GREEN)

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