SLSA 2011 Season 2 Lightening Dominion Open results

Heat 1

jayden Domenici (RED) 14.16667
DeVinna Toll (BLUE) 13.33333
FrankiePalmero Actor (GREEN) 14.16667

Heat 2

Harbor Piers (RED) NS
Maldrul Morris (BLUE) 15.50000
JT Castanea (GREEN) 14.66667

Heat 3

Twixt Mode (RED) 12.66667
Damiana Babcock (BLUE) 15.66667
followingwaves sirbu (GREEN) 13.16667

Heat 4

Abel Halderman (RED) DNC
Zelda Zimberman (BLUE) 15.16667
Yari Ziplon (GREEN) 13.00000

Heat 5

Lourinho Nizna (RED) DNC
Sally LaSalle (BLUE) 13.00000
Katey Spiritweaver(GREEN) NS


Maldrul Morris 16.00000
Zelda Zimberman 16.00000
Damiana Babcock 15.66667
FrankiePalmero Actor 14.0000
jayden Domenici 13.00000
Sally LaSalle 14.50000

Surfers advancing to the Lightening Dominion Sunset Pro:

jayden Domenici
DeVinna Toll
FrankiePalmero Actor
Maldrul Morris
JT Castanea
Damiana Babcock
followingwaves sirbu
Zelda Zimberman
Yari Ziplon
Sally LaSalle

Surfers on standby: (May be subsituted for no-shows in the Pro competition)

Twixt Mode

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