We have received 5 candidate submissions for the 3 postions to be filled in the upcoming December 1st Directors Election. The following represents the text from the 5 submissions (in no particular order):


My name is Abel Halderman and I would like to run for the director’s office in the SLSA. I am willing to serve a full term of six months. I am a Surfcrazy team rider and I don’t have any other surf product/sim affiliations right now.

I believe that the SLSA should be a group of happy people, however I also believe it should be a large group of active people, too. I have served on the SLSA board before, and what I always remember about those times is that the SLSA always needs a lot of work. I am willing to give it my best and work hard to make it the best for the SL Surfing Association members, too.

Thank you,
Abel Halderman


Yari Ziplon
I would like to do something to give back to the SLSA community. I enjoy surfing so much and the competitions are much fun not just cause of the surfing but mostly because of the social part of it.
I would like to help with keeping SLSA a great social and active community.

My view for the SLSAs future is to try to keep events and increase interrest in the sport here on SL. I would like to help people create events, places to surf and increase peoples awareness of the events.

Due to a lot of travel in my RL job I am not able to handle finances for any organisation. But any job partaining to management of events, communicating with sponsors and or creating awareness for the work being done by the SLSA I am more then willing to take on.

The future of SLSA is dependent more on peoples mentalety and willingness to bring to action their ideas.
All I can promise is that I will do my homework and find the pros and cons to any desicion to be made and any idea thrown out there. And to do my best to continue the great work that has been done so far hopefully at least half as well as it has been done.


SLSA Directors,

My name is GiavannaMarie Melody. This notecard represents my request to stand as a director in the upcoming election. I am willing and able to serve the full term. I am currently co captain of Reef Riders. I also own my own clothing line Surfari, which is a sponsor of SLSA. I have served two terms as a Director.

I have worked on many SLSA projects. My attitude and work ethic is my greatest assett to the organization. I have been a part of the organization for over 2 1/2 years now, been a SLSA director 3 times and bring a lot of experience to the directorship. My vision for the SLSA is to help it grow as well as continuing to find a way to save our great surfing sims. Over the past tenure on the board, we had great difficulty in finding volunteers for our great events. This is something I wish to continue to focus on should I be re elected.



I, Maldrul Morris, am fully willing and able to accept a position as SLSA director if elected.

I currently surf for Team Montego and I am serving as a Director of the SLSA.

I have been competing in SLSA sponsored events since 2008. I am a fair and honest elf with a good work ethic and will continue to do my best to fulfill the duties of SLSA director if re-elected. I will redouble my efforts to provide the most fair and balanced events in order to maximize the enjoyment by both veterans and new surfers alike.


HI, I’m Sally LaSalle and I would like to represent you as one of your SLSA’s directors. I am willing and able to serve the six month term.

I make this commitment because, I love surfing, it’s fun, skillful, and enjoyable and a great social activity, I have been a part of SL surfing since its inception and the first ever surf comp was held on my sim Chi back in 2007 before the SLSA was even formed. I also get a kick from helping make things happen and building a happy and vital community.

I have served 3 prior terms as a director the last ending in May 2010, I am experienced, detail-minded and have invested hundreds of hours in the SLSA creating a more efficient scoring system, writing and revising the constitution, the event rules, developing a fair and anonymous system for elections, and providing surf sims for everyone to use that are the longest running surf sims in SL.

My main hope for the next 6 months is to rebuild surfing participation, to rebuild surfing variety and encourage surf club fun and development, and to ensure that we have follow up on new ideas and that decisions are made and put into action efficiently.

I own the public surf sims Chi and Tai, but I do not pay for them with surf related revenue.
I am a captain of th Tai Chi Surf Team, but the team does not compete for penant.
I own the clothing store Sharkbite.

Sally LaSalle

SLSA Former Director
SLSA Head Judge Trainer