Thor Bishop…… In Remeberance


Like most of you I am shocked at the drastic news of Thor’s passing away. He started surfing shortly after the waves appeared in Second Life and his love of the sport inspired him to be one of the strongest supporters of surfing.

His dedication to the Namiko Surf Team Thor was incredible. Always there to support the team and later to help out with the beloved sim Quan Li.

As Thor became immersed in the surfing community he created his own team, foundly known as The Misfits. The name, a great reflection of that mischievous energy we all grew to love. The Misfits have become one of the largest surf teams in Second Life, a tribute now to him.


It was at Hedonism that I first saw Thor with his pink hair. Always matching his rashguard to his clothing for competitions, he had a fierce avatar but was always up for making a fashion statement.

Thor Pink Hair

A pioneer with surfing in Second Life, Thor brought to life Shortboards and created Big Dawg Surfboards.


Shortboards have become a staple in the board closet of surfers everywhere in Second Life. Two shortboard competitions have happened this last season as a direct result of Thor’s efforts. The first ever Shortboard competition at Chi and the first ever Invitational at Heliopolis.

Thor and Sierra

Thor was the only person that ever surfed in every surf competition in Second Life, it deeply saddens me to know that we will not hear our brother Thor cheering from the stands or surfing in the competitions. The impact of his departure will be felt very strongly this coming Saturday and at all the surf comps to come. In rememberance of Thor Bishop, the SLSA Surfing Championship is now titled “The Thor Bishop Memorial”.

Thor and Sierra

Thor was never without the love of his life Sierra Sugar closely by his side, whom he was married to in Second Life and was his fiancee in Real Life. As many of you know Sierra Sugar is the “Voice of the SLSA” and has DJ’d the majority of the surfing competitions. Our hearts go out with deepest sympathy to Sierra, and Thor’s family and friends.


Thor you will be missed by all and in our hearts you will live. May the waves you surf now, be endless.

Mahalo and Namaste Thor

Seano Osumi on behalf of the SLSA Board.

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  1. Daci says:

    Sierra captured my heart first and I soon began willfully following her and Thor around from event to event. My joke of being their stalker was fondly accepted much to my happiness. I tried to be with them whenever I can. I became their friend, they became my protectors. I am so glad I got to know them not only in SL, but they became part of my RL as well and I looked forward to the day we would meet. My staple songs were Thor singing Sweet Transvestite and Thor playing drums on Ca Plane Pour Moi. Those two songs always put a smile on my face and wherever either or both of them were djing, Sierra made sure I heard them. There is so much I can say about him, but I don’t have the room and you won’t have the time to read it all. He was and is one of the best men in SL and he is so sorely missed. I’m proud to say he was one that I would have trusted with my life. He’ll always be in my heart. Love you Big Dawg!! I’ll see you again…


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