Solace Dreams party, celebration and fundraiser!

On Saturday, January 14, 2012 the SL Surfing Association will be holding a surf event at Solace Beach and Solace Dreams. It is not only a fundraiser for Solace Dreams, but also a party, and a celebration of all January birthdays and rezdays, a celebration of life in general ;-), with multiple raffle boards and awesome prizes, and a mini-competition.

Where: Party on Solace Beach, surfing on Solace Dreams

The mini-comp will be a SSI board of choice on Solace Dreams. The waves are already set up if you wish to check them out. 🙂  There is a limit to 15 surfers so sign up early. If you wish to surf contact Sunrize Mornington – first come – first serve.  Trophies and special prizes will be handed to the top three surfers.

Party site at Solace Beach:

Mini-competition at Solace Dreams:


We also need volunteers for this event. This is a good way for new judges to get in some practice before next season.


Join us on Saturday, January 7, and lets celebrate!

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