This Season SLSA Sponsors will be given a new benefit for the continued and generous support that allows us to keep running fun and successful competitions.

The SLSA is pleased to announce that SLSA Sponsors will now be able to direct market to the entire (900 plus) SLSA group a number of times per month, based on their level of sponsorship as follows.

  • Gold Sponsors twice per month
  • Silver Sponsors once per month
  • Bronze Sponsors once every 2 months


Messages will be submitted to the Sponsor Manager, who will then send them to the group using the SLSA’s Postmaster Messaging Gadget. Messages can include a notecard, landmark, object, texture or any combination of these. The Postmaster system sends messages when people are online to ensure delivery, and each Sponsor Message will be queued for 24 hours, to target members coming on line, after 24 hours, the remaining unsent messages will be sent as offline messages.
Because the messages will be sent via the SLSA Sponsor Messaging system, members may choose to opt out of receiving messages, however, we would encourage all members to take the time to support our generous sponsors.
Messages will also be posted to the SLSA Facebook page and tweeted through the two SLSA Twitter Channels.


SLSA New Individual and Team Sponsorship levels

The SLSA is pleased to announce a stream of sponsorship for Individuals and Teams.
In addition to our existing commercial sponsorship levels, Individuals and Teams will be able to sponsor the SLSA season, with the new “SLSA Booster” program. The revenue from his stream of will be pooled, divided and donated evenly to the 5 surf venues that so generously, provide a place for all of us to enjoy surfing competition at their expense.
The Individuals SLSA Booster Program will have 3 levels of Individual sponsorship

  • Diamond 6000L per season, Diamond Dog tag, Name on Diamond Rotating Sponsor Panel on the Sim and on the Competition Stands
  • Ruby 3000L per season, Ruby Dog tag, Name on Ruby Rotating Sponsor Panel on the Sim and on the Competition Stands
  • Emerald 1000L per season, Emerald Dog tag, Name on Emerald Rotating Sponsor Panel on the Sim and on the Competition Stands

Individuals will also receive a special recognition Tag in the SLSA Group.

Team Boosters are for Surf Teams they will be set at 5000L per Season and will have the Team Flag fly over the Spectators stands for the season. Also a plaque of recognition given for in the teams Clubhouse.