We have received 2 candidate submissions for the 2 postions to be filled in the upcoming March 1st Directors Election. NOTE: Revlon Benior’s voting eligibility requirement has been waived by the current board in accord with: A current SLSA member who is not an eligible voter may petition the board for the privilege of running for a Director seat. Their petition must state why their candidacy would be a benefit to the SLSA. If the board unanimously agrees that it is in the best interest of the SLSA the eligible voter requirement may be waived. This will be on a case-by-case basis and does not imply an endorsement of the particular candidate.

The following represents the text from the 2 submissions (in no particular order):

I Revlon “Revy” Benoir would like to place myself in consideration of the position of SLSA Director.

I am available for the full term from March 1st, 2012 through August 31st, 2012.

I am affiliated with T’ai Ch’i Zen as a surfer and team lead.

I am a Gold Level SLSA Sponsor and the owner of the Enchanted Break sim. My SIM is currently registered as a venue in the current season.

I am the originator and organizer of the yearly Surf Festival.

My vision for the SLSA mirrors the spirit of my Surf Festivals. The festivals give the community a chance to step back and take a breath and just let surfing in Second Life be fun.

We do this by including everyone and working together. The very first artwork I created said For Surfers By Surfers and I have placed that on ever piece of artwork since that time.

It is my belief that the SLSA is for Surfers By Surfers. I am not going to promise that I will come in and “FIX” any single issue. But I will promise to be open and honest with every surfer that cares to share a concern with me. One of my favorite quotes is from Margaret Mead:

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

My name is Imzadi Amaterasu.

I am interested in serving another term on the SLSA’s Board of Directors. I think I could continue to contribute ideas and help see things thru as I have in the past. I believe I am a strong team player and can separate my own interests for whats best for the SLSA community as a whole.

I am a member of Team Surfcrazy. I do not have a product or own a sim myself but I am General Manager of Lightening Video, an SLSA sponsor. I also manage Jaguar and 4 others.

Thanks for your time in reading my application.