Meet Your Candidates – June 1st Directors Election

We have received 3 candidate submissions for the 3 postions to be filled in the upcoming June 1st Directors Election.The following represents the text from the 3 submissions (in no particular order):


SLSA Directors & Members,

My name is Bobbi Laval. This notecard represents my intent to stand as an SLSA director in the June 1st election. I am willing and able to serve the full term. I am currently co-captain of Reef Riders. I have served one term before as a Director.

I have surfed and finished in the top 10 of every SLSA season, and during the course of those 10 seasons I haved enjoyed teaching and introducing new people to the fun of surfing in SL. I consider myself a surfing mentor and hope to continue in that role. I am a trained Head Judge and have judged in 14 competitions. I have surfed on SSi boards in the SLSA but also on HP boards in the ABSSL and enjoy trying out and testing new surfing equipment and approaches. My vision for the SLSA is to bring in new members and build a new core generation of surfers that can experience just some of the joy that surfing has brought to me.

Yours sincerely,
Bobbi Laval

PS .. While I am willing and able to serve, should 3 other younger members decide to nominate before the deadline for the closure of candidates … then please disregard my nomination as I would very much love to see new people with new ideas taking the SLSA in new and excitng directions.


SLSA Directors,

My name is GiavannaMarie Melody. This notecard represents my request to stand as a director in the upcoming election. I am willing and able to serve the full term. I am currently co captain of Reef Riders. I also own my own clothing line Surfari, which is a sponsor of SLSA. I have served multiple terms as a Director.

I have worked on many SLSA projects. My attitude and work ethic is my greatest assett to the organization. I have been a part of the organization for over 2 1/2 years now, been a SLSA director 4 times and bring a lot of experience to the directorship. My vision for the SLSA is to help it grow as well as continuing to find a way to save our great surfing sims. Over the past tenure on the board, we had great difficulty in finding volunteers for our great events. This is something I wish to continue to focus on should I be re elected.



My name Melian Catronis and I wish to run for a Director’s position with the SLSA. I have the desire and intention to stand for the full 6 month term, if possible.

Team affiliation: Tai Chi Zen.

About me: I have been surfing in SL for a year, though I am not a RL surfer. I find the surfing community for the most part to the core of what SL is supposed to be about–creativity and support, and (with a few exceptions) acceptance of the differences of everyone. I can’t promise that I know what I’m doing, but right now I think there’s a perception that a crisis is brewing in the surfing community over recent events, and if there is some way somebody new can come in and reassure the masses if that’s not true, I’d like to be a part of that.

Thank you.

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