Halloween was in the air as eleven qualified SLSA surfers from the Carpe Diem Open joined twenty pros Saturday Oct. 19, 2013, for an entertaining event .  The spooky ghosts in the haunted house didn’t scare the surfers any, while they ripped up the HP Jaws wave on SSi longboards.

Congrats to all those that surfed and  to the semi finalists and winners!

1st: Shannon Cardalines 15.83
2nd: Maldrul Morris 15.66
3rd: Sunrize Morning 15.16
4th: Jordan Halderman 14.66
5th: Zelda Zimberman 14.50
6th: Figger J Arun 13.83

Semi Finalists

Pink Kellerman 14.33
Cierra Theriac 14.50
Alvaro Pevensey 14.50
JohnnyWhadd 14.16
Abel Halderman 13.83
Petra Xaris 13.16
Roxy 12.16

On behalf of myself, Petra Xaris, and the SLSA family a sincere thank you to Valium Lavender our Title sponsor who graciously allowed us to use her sim and to our staff that helped make this comp possible and in record time, 5 hours: Event Coordinator/Security Officer: Bobbi Laval-LaSalle, Head Judge: Wil DeCuir, Judge: Sally LaSalle, Judge: Nico (Nicolette), Marshall; Neptune Maa, and DJ pronvelle Cristole.

Please join us in November  for the Chi SSi Shortboard/Fluff competition. Dates are Nov 9–Open
Nov 16–Pro

LM to Chi:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Chi/140/220/23